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Foster and Working Dog

Foster a Working Dog

The Penn Vet Working Dog Center aims to raise and train detection dogs who will eventually serve our communities in the areas of Urban Search and Rescue, ovarian cancer detection, narcotics detection, police work, and more.

Penn Vet Working Dog foster family

How Our Program Works

  • Puppies are donated by approved breeders at 8 weeks of age and are enrolled in the Working Dog Center Puppy Foundation Program for approximately 12-18 months.
  • During this time, the dogs attend school from Monday through Friday at the Working Dog Center, located at 3401 Grays Ferry Avenue.
  • Before and after school, our dogs live with and are cared for by their foster families. Fosters drop their dogs off at the Working Dog Center daily between 7-9am and pick them up between 5-7pm.
  • Throughout the school day, the dogs receive training in a variety of areas such as live human search, agility, and obedience to complement their scent detection training. They also receive training specific to their future detection career.

Meet Tessa Seales

Tessa and Dylan, Working Dog Center

Tessa, our Foster Coordinator, competed two Drexel Co-ops at the Working Dog Center. Her second Co-op focused on law enforcement and scent detection. After that, she returned as a part-time trainer and is now Foster Coordinator, getting to know all of the dogs here.  

What it Means to be a Working Dog Foster Family

  • To become a Working Dog Center Foster,  we ask that you are willing to learn about our training methods to provide consistency to the dogs while they are at home.
  • The Foster Coordinator and the training staff will provide Foster Families with all the information you need to help your puppy be successful.
  • The Working Dog Center also provides all of the supplies and medical care for the working dog you are fostering.
Foster Family with Working Dog