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Working Dog "Train the Trainer" Program

What is Train the Trainer?

The Train the Trainer model is used in many types of work and educational environments, including laboratories, schools, hospitals and the corporate sector. This type of training has become ubiquitous because of how user-friendly and intuitive is can be. 

In a “Train the Trainer” program, a subject matter expert  trains a person or a group of people who will then go on to train others using the same model when they return to their workplace. 

Advantages of this model include a faster, more effective training environment. You can train a team of trainers who will use the same methods to then train the next group of trainers. And by learning using a team-based approach, the training becomes dynamic and self-sustaining. 

Upcoming Train the Trainer Course

Law Enforcement Scent Detector School: March 25, 2019 to May 17, 2019

8 week immersion course where civilian K9 Trainers with the appropriate foundation skills will go through a Scent Detector School designed to meet the USPCA standard in Detection Training. The elements of this course include:

  • K9 olfaction
  • Air - odor movement
  • Fundamentals of handling an explosive or narcotics detection canine
  • Introduction to commonly used explosives, HME and IED, narcotics, and cutting agents
  • Basic obedience and control
  • Canine drive development and reward system
  • Imprinting of odors
  • Understanding canine behavior changes
  • Positive indication – teaching final alert search pattern
  • Familiarization
  • Multiple indications – fringing – false alert – scent cone
  • Reporting, record keeping and case law

Note: Civilian K9 Trainers will be handlers for PVWDC K9s in training, ages ranging from 4 months to 18 months.  No outside dogs permitted.

Course Fee

The cost for this course is $8,000.00 and does not include housing, food or transportation.  As the skills learned in this course are taught in a specific progression, and each week builds upon the last, there is no way to participate in this course in sections or shorter time periods. 

We are limiting the number of civilian candidates to two (2) per course to ensure individual attention.  


The following is the process we have put in place when interviewing/considering candidates:

  • Application
  • Interview – in-person or via SKYPE
  • Video Assignment
  • References from Dog Training arena (i.e. Michael Ellis or other instructors from training courses)