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What can our dogs do?

PREVENT crime and acts of terrorism, working alongside military, police, TSA and the Department of Defense to find explosives and narcotics.

RESCUE or RECOVER victims of accidents or disasters, and/or missing people using expert search and recovery skills.

DETECT health threats including cancer and infections, in people, animals and the environment in partnership with scientists across multiple disciplines.

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“The team at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center trains with a level of professionalism and caring unlike anything I have ever witnessed, and produces the best search dogs that I have ever seen. Without a doubt, their dogs are unmatched in their level of training, socialization and desire to work.”

John Dean, Canine Training Coordinator, Arizona Task Force 1, Arizona Search Dogs, Phoenix Fire Department

Meet Our Dogs

Picture of puppy GeistWe work with different breeds, different colors, different personalities, but all have the same goal – to join the ranks of the elite working dogs who serve our country. Meet the dogs we train. If you are planning for your next K9 partner, we encourage you to contact us immediately to discuss your options with us. We believe discussion between you and our training team is the first step to creating a strong K9 team.

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The Penn Vet Working Dog Center serves a diverse and growing K9 community, from search and rescue teams to law enforcement. We offer specialized services including K9 Law Enforcement Training and Sports & Performance Medicine.

Officer and K9, Law Enforcement Training

Law Enforcement Training

Our Law Enforcement K9 Training Program provides local, state and federal agencies with individualized training to create high-performing K9 teams.

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Dog trainer with a dog

Performance Medicine

Our Performance Medicine program is designed to support working K9s develop core strength and stability, along with agility to help dogs recover full functionality.

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