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Featured Interview: In January 2017, Bruce Cochran of Farmscape Online interviewed Dr. Parsons as part of the 2017 Banff Pork Seminar. Here is the interview:

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Today the US swine industry finds itself confronted with rapidly changing public opinion and policy on how gestating sows should be housed. Penn Vet is uniquely positioned to provide the industry with relevant scientific data collected from this living laboratory.  The Penn Vet Swine Teaching & Research Center is often in local, regional, and national news. Here you can read the latest articles and stories about our work.

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Articles, Webinars, and News Stories
Farm Promise WEBINAR

Sustainability and Animal Welfare: Building Transparency Within Your Protein Category Dr. Thomas Parsons from University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine and Robert “Bob” Ruth, SVP at Clemens Food Group and a Farm Promise brand thought leader, dive into the world of animal welfare.

Oct 2018
Lancaster Farming 
Chinese Visit Pennsylvania’s Pork IndustrySept 2017 
Can we really figure out pigs' psychological well-being?  Aug 2016
Fast Company
The Quest to Build a Better Pig 
 Feb 2015
Crate Controversy  Feb 2015
Christian Science Monitor 
The New Ethics of Eating
 Dec 2014
Porklife: Building a Better Pig  June 2014
Modern Farmer
Pig Tech: Improving Pork's Future
 Sept 2013
Meristem Land & Science
Research: Switching from Stalls to Pen Gestation
 Aug 2013
Vita Plus  
Group housing for sows: Can it be done effectively?
 May 2013
Western Hog Journal
Lessons Learned: Conversion of Gestation Stalls
 May 2013
Feedstuffs FoodLink
Sow Expert Says Loose Housing Can Work
 Dec 2012
University Sow Expert Says 'Penn Gestation' Works  Dec 2012
Does Science Support Pen Gestation?   Dec 2012
Lancaster County Agricultural Council
Hog Industry Moves Closer to Crate-Free 
 Dec 2012
Alternatives in Sow Housing   Dec 2012
In the Industry   July 2012
Vet Penn Current
Swine Welfare Closely Studied at Penn 
 May 2012
Pig Equipment News: Schauer Agrotronic GmbH
Successful Implementation of ESF on mid-sized US Farms 
 Dec 2012
New Bolton Vet Honored by NY Farmers Club 
 June 2011
National Hog Farmer
UPenn Student Wins Fullbright Grant to Study Swine 
May 2011
The Pig Site
 Innovative Swine Teaching and Research Facility   May 2010
Leading the Way/
Champion of the Animal Welfare Conundrum 
 Nov/Dec 2009
National Hog Farmer
Making ESF Work 
 Aug 2007
National Hog Farmer
Stalls or Pens? Ask the Sows! 
 Aug 2007

Giving Animals Space   Mar 2007
National Hog Farmer
Fewer DOAs with Auto-Sort Pigs 
 Nov 2004
National Hog Farmer
Swine Center on Cutting Edge of Welfare 
 June 2002