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Avian Health

Avian Flock Health

Penn Vet’s Avian Flock Health experts offer a holistic approach to providing poultry producers with practical and responsive solutions to address the challenges of an evolving industry.

In addition to troubleshooting on-farm production issues, our Avian Flock Health experts are frequently called upon to manage emerging health issues in flocks both here in Pennsylvania and across the country.

For those managing small-scale backyard flocks, they also serve as a reliable resource for best practices, including providing critical biosecurity and disease management oversight, as well as access to a robust network of avian practitioners local to clients.

  • On-Farm Outreach Services

    Whether you are a poultry producer, a farm manager, a service technician, or a company representative, Penn Vet’s Avian Flock Health Experts are available to provide on-farm, in-field outreach expertise for any production-related issue.

    Through a holistic approach of considering all potential contributing factors to an issue – nutrition, environmental conditions, facilities, presence of disease, and overall flock management – our experts are able to tailor an appropriate response to resume, or improve, on-farm productivity.

    Our Avian Flock Health experts are available to provide consultations in the following areas:

    • Biosecurity and Disease Management
    • Avian Production and Husbandry Practices
    • Nutrition and Feeding Systems
    • Environmental Conditions and Facilities
    • Business Optimization and Strategic Planning
    • Animal Welfare Practices
    • Backyard Flock Management (including remote consultations)
  • Avian Research

    As nationally recognized leaders in avian health, Penn Vet’s experts focus on providing practical, responsive, and applicable research that results in rapid, in-field solutions to health problems. 

    Our Avian Flock Health experts assume both Regulatory and Non-Regulatory roles within the industry, particularly within the realm of infectious disease management, and frequently provide data-driven insights in response efforts.

    In addition to providing support to the poultry industry, Penn Vet’s Avian Flock Health experts also offer applicable research and service to address pressing avian wildlife issues.

  • Supporting Services

Meet Our Avian Flock Health Experts

Penn Vet Avian Flock Health Team
Dr. Sherrill Davison, Penn Vet PADLS
  • Dr. Sherrill Davison
  • Expertise Areas: Biosecurity and Disease Management; Avian Production and Husbandry Practices; Nutrition and Feeding Systems; Environmental Conditions and Facilities; Business Optimization and Strategic Planning; Animal Welfare Practices; Backyard Flock Management
Dr. Donna Kelly, Penn Vet PADLS
  • Dr. Donna Kelly
  • Expertise Areas: Avian Production and Husbandry Practices; Biosecurity and Disease Management; Advanced Diagnostics  
Dr. Meghann Pierdon, New Bolton Center
  • Dr. Meghann Pierdon
  • Expertise Areas: Avian Disease Surveillance and Management Strategies, Avian Biosecurity and Diagnostics