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Equine Herd Health

In addition to providing exceptional equine clinical care through New Bolton Center Hospital and our Equine Field Service Team, Penn Vet Equine Herd Health experts are also dedicated to advancing the welfare and integrity of equine sport through forensic research done by Penn Vet’s Equine Pharmacology Laboratory

Penn Vet Equine Herd Health Team
Dr. Mary Robinson, Penn Vet New Bolton Center
  • Dr. Mary Robinson
  • Expertise Areas: Equine Pharmacology; Equine Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic research; Equine Welfare
Dr. Kyla Ortved, New Bolton Center
  • Dr. Kyla Ortved
  • Expertise Areas: Bone regeneration; Gene and Cell Therapies; Immunomodulation of the Post-traumatic Joint using Adeno-associated Virus (AAV) Gene Therapy  
Dr. Andrew van Eps, New Bolton Center
  • Dr. Andrew van Eps
  • Expertise Areas: Equine laminitis; Equine Lamellar Perfusion; Equine Musculoskeletal Diseases; Influence of Digital Hypothermia on Lamellar Events
Dr. Hannah Galantino-Homer, Penn Vet New Bolton Center
  • Dr. Hannah Galantino-Homer
  • Expertise Areas: Laminitis; Cell Biology; Protein Biochemistry; Theriogenology; Developmental Biology; Epithelial Stem Cells; Insulin Dysregulation; Proteomics
Dr. Sue McDonnell, Penn Vet New Bolton Center
  • Dr. Sue McDonnell
  • Expertise Areas: Equine Physiology; Equine Behavior; Equine Welfare