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Porcine Health

Porcine Herd Health

Comprised of leading swine production medicine, reproduction and welfare behavior expertise, Penn Vet’s Swine Herd Health experts offer practical, applicable, and scalable production solutions tailored to address the challenges facing today’s pork industry.

Additionally, our Swine Herd Health experts also implement the Pennsylvania Regional Control Program – a state-wide system that monitors for emerging disease that threaten the well-being of Pennsylvania’s pigs and pork producers.

  • On-Farm Outreach Services

    Today’s pork producers face many challenges, from producing a socially acceptable product to balancing business operations with the realities of production.

    Penn Vet’s Swine Herd Health experts regularly provide on-location outreach services for pork producers and other industry organizations. Our experts work with you to address your most pressing production needs.

    Our Swine Herd Health experts are available to provide outreach consultations in the following areas:

    • Implementation of Sustainable Practices (Organic, Antibiotic Free, Welfare-Friendly)
    • Biosecurity and Disease Management
    • Reproduction Optimization
    • Swine Production Health Strategies
    • Animal Housing and Feed Systems
    • Business Optimization and Strategic Planning

    Looking for on-farm clinical care? Visit New Bolton Center’s Food Animal Field Service for more information about our veterinary care services.

  • Swine Herd Health Research

    As leading health experts in the industry, the Swine Group's research efforts offering practical, producer centric solutions that can be directly applied to the farm or swine business.

    Research Expertise
  • Additional Services

Meet Our Porcine Herd Health Experts

Penn Vet Porcine Herd Health Team
Dr. Gary Althouse, Penn Vet
  • Dr. Gary Althouse
  • Expertise Areas: Swine Reproduction (Semen Analysis, Assisted Reproductive Technologies), Applied Swine Production and Management Strategies 
Dr. Tom Parsons, Penn Vet New Bolton Center
  • Dr. Tom Parsons
  • Expertise Areas: Swine Behavior and Welfare, Applied Swine Production and Management Strategies, Swine Production Medicine
Dr. Meghann Pierdon, New Bolton Center
  • Dr. Meghann Pierdon
  • Expertise Areas: Swine Behavior and Welfare (Group Housing, Sow Lameness, Sow Gestation), Swine Disease Surveillance and Management Strategies, Swine Biosecurity and Diagnostics