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– 2024 –

Mowat F.M. Iwabe S., Aguirre G.D., Petersen-Jones S. Consensus guidelines for nomenclature of companion animal inherited retinal disorders. Veterinary Ophthalmology, 2024, (online ahead of print).

Murgiano L., Niggel J.K., Benedicenti L., Cortellari M., Bionda A., Crepaldi P., Liotta L., Aguirre G.K., Beltran W.A., Aguirre G.D. Frameshift variant in AMPD2 in Cirneco dell’Etna dogs with retinopathy and tremors. Genes, 2024: 15 (2): 238

Taskin H.O., Wivel J., Aguirre G.D., Beltran W.A., Aguirre G.K. Cone-driven, geniculocortical responses in canine models of outer retinal disease. Translational Vision Science & Technology, 2024; 13 (1): 18.

– 2023 –

Takahashi K., Kwok J.C., Sato Y., Aguirre G.D., Miyadera K. Molecular characterization of MAP9 in the photoreceptor sensory cilia as a modifier in canine RPGRIP1-associated cone-rod dystrophy. Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, 2023; 17: 1226603

Takahashi K., Kwok J.C., Sato Y., Aguirre G.D., Miyadera K. Extended functional rescue following AAV gene therapy in a canine model of LRIT3-congenital stationary night blindness. Vision Research, 2023; 209: 108260.
Ripolles-Garcia A., Murgiano L., Ziolkowska N., Marinho F.P., Roszak K., Iffrig S., Aguirre G.D., Miyadera K. Natural disease history of a canine model of oligogenic RPGRIP1-cone-rod dystrophy establishes variable effects of previously and newly mapped modifier loci. Human Molecular Genetics, 2023: 32:2139-2151.

Appelbaum T., Aguirre G.D., Beltran W.A. Identification of circular RNAs hosted by the RPGR ORF15 genomic locus. RNA biology, 2023; 20 (1): 31-47.

Cideciyan A.V., Jacobson S.G., Sumaroka A., Swider M., Krishnan A.K., Sheplock R., Garafalo A.V., Guziewicz K.E., Aguirre G.D., Beltran W.A., Matsui Y., Kondo M., Heon E. Photoreceptor function and structure in retinal degenerations caused by biallelic BEST1 mutations. Vision Research, 2023; 203: 108157

Xu L., Ruddick W.N., Bolch S.N., Klingeborn M., Dyka F.M., Kulkarni M.M.,

Simpson C.P., Beltran W.A., Rickman C.B., Smith W.C., Dinculescu A. Distinct phenotypic consequences of pathogenic mutants associated with late-onset retinal degeneration. The American Journal of Pathology, 2023; 193 (11): 1706-1720

– 2022 –

Cideciyan A.V., Jacobson S.G., Swider M., Sumaroka A., Sheplock R., Krishnan A.K., Garafalo A.V., Guziewicz K.E., Aguirre G.D., Beltran W.A., Heon E. Photoreceptor function and structure in autosomal dominant vitelliform macular dystrophy caused by BEST1 Mutations. Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, 2022; 63 (13):12.

Nikonov S., Dolgova N., Sudharsan R., Tochitsky I., Iwabe S., Guzman J-M., Van Gelder R.N., Kramer R.H., Aguirre G.D., Beltran W.A. Photochemical restoration of light sensitivity in the degenerated canine retina. Pharmaceutics, 2022; 14 (12): 2711.

Ripolles-Garcia A., Chen Y., Sato Y., Gray A., Ying G-S, Aguirre G.D., Beltran W.A. Retinal vascular plexuses are unequally affected in canine inherited retinal degenerations. Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, 2022; 63 (12):22.

Ripolles-Garcia A, Dologova N, Phillips MJ, Savina S, Ludwig AL, Stuedemann SA, Niebedum U, Wolfe JH, Garden OA, Maminishkis A, Amaral J, Bharti K, Gamm DM, Aguirre GD, Beltran WA. Systemic immunosuppression promotes survival and integration of subretinally implanted human ESC-derived photoreceptor precursor cells in dogs. Stem Cell Reports, 2022; 17 (8): 1824-1841.

Miyadera K, Santana E, Roszak K, Iffrig S, Visel M, Iwabe S, Boyd RF, Bartoe JT, Sato Y, Gray A, Ripolles-Garcia A, Dufour VL, Byrne LC, Flannery JG, Beltran WA, Aguirre GD. Targeting ON-bipolar cells by AAV gene therapy stably reverses LRIT3-congenital stationary night blindness. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA., 2022; 119(13):e2117038119.

Badiei A, Beltran WA, Aguirre GD. Altered transsulfuration pathway enzymes and redox homeostasis in retinal degenerative diseases. Exp. Eye Res., 2022; 215: 108902

Ripolles-Garcia A, Holle DM, Cohen JA, Beltran WA, Aguirre GD. Retinal structural and microvascular abnormalities in retinal dysplasia. Vet. Ophthalmol., 2022; 25 Suppl 1: 193-200.

Gray AP, Sato Y, Miyadera K, Aguirre GD. Novel insights into chorioretinal and juxtapapillary colobomas by optical coherence tomography. Vet. Ophthalmol., 2022; 25 Suppl 1: 136-143.

Aguirre GD, Kazacos KR. Is it canine DUSN? Another view of retinopathies, some acquired, and other possibly “inherited”. Vet. Ophthalmol., 2022; 25 (2): 96-108.

Sato Y, Gray AP, Takahashi K, Dufour VL, Lutty G, Miyadera K, Aguirre GD. Monocular retinopathy of prematurity-like retinal vasculopathy in a dog. Vet. Ophthalmol., 2022; 25 (1): 78-84.

– 2021 –

Dufour VL, Cohen JA, Holle DM, Aguirre GD. Optic nerve colobomas associated with unilateral focal serous retinal detachment in a dog – In-vivo imaging and outcome following laser retinopexy. Vet. Ophthalmol., 2021; 24 (6): 645-652.

Ripolles-Garcia A, Ruthel G, Ying G-S, Chen Y, Cuenca N, Aguirre GD, Beltran WA. Characterization of the canine retinal vasculature with optical coherence tomography angiography: comparisons with histology and fluorescein angiography. Front. Neuroanat., 2021; 15: 785249.

Öztürk BE, Johnson ME, Kleyman M, Turunç S, He J, Jabalameli S, Xi Z, Visel M, Dufour VL, Iwabe S, Pompeo Marinho F, Aguirre GD, Sahel J-A, Schaffer DV, Pfenning AR, Flannery JG, Beltran WA, Stauffer WR, Byrne LC. scAAVengr, a transcriptome-based pipeline for quantitative ranking of engineered AAVs with single-cell resolution. eLife, 2021; 10:e64174.

Mbefo M, Berger A, Schouwey K, Gérard X, Kostic C, Beryozkin A, Sharon D, Dolfuss H, Munier F, Tran HV, Van Lohuizen M, Beltran WA, Arsenijevic Y. Enhancer of zest homolog 2 (EZH2) contributes to rod photoreceptor death process in several forms of retinal degeneration and its activity can serve as a biomarker for therapy efficacy. Int. J. Mol. Sci., 2021; 22(17):9331

Aguirre GD, Cideciyan AV, Dufour VL, Ripolles-García A, Sudharsan R, Swider M, Nikonov R, Iwabe S, Boye SL, Hauswirth WW, Jacobson SG, Beltran WA. Gene therapy reforms photoreceptor structure and restores vision in NPHP5-associated Leber congenital amaurosis.
Mol. Ther., 2021:29(8):2456-2468.

Sudharsan R, Murgiano L, Tang HY, Olsen TW, Chavali VRM, Aguirre GD, BeltranWA. Short prolactin isoforms are expressed in photoreceptors of canine retinas undergoing retinal degeneration. Sci. Rep.,2021: 11:460.

– 2020 –

Appelbaum T, Murgiano L, Becker D, Santana E, Aguirre GD. Candidate Genetic Modifiers for RPGR Retinal Degeneration. Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci. 2020;61(14):20.

Murgiano L, Becker D, Spector C, Carlin K, Santana E, Niggel JK, Jagannathan V, Leeb T, Pearce-Kelling S., Aguirre GD, Miyadera K. CCDC66 frameshift variant associated with a new form of early-onset progressive retinal atrophy in Portuguese Water Dogs. Sci. Rep., 2020; 10:21162.

Cideciyan AV, Jacobson SG, Roman AJ, Sumaroka A, Wu V, Charng J, Lisi B, Swider M, Aguirre GD, Beltran WA. Rod function deficit in retained in photoreceptors of patients with Class B rhodopsin mutations. Sci. Rep., 2020;10:12552.

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Dufour VL, Yu Y, Pan W, Ying GS, Aguirre GD, Beltran WA. In-vivo longitudinal changes in the thickness of the postnatal canine retina. Exp. Eye Res., 2020;192:107926.

Song C, Dufour VL, CideciyanAV, Ye GJ, Swider M, Newmark JA, Timmers AM, Robinson PM, Knop DR, Chulay JD,Jacobson SG, Aguirre GD, BeltranWA, Shearman MS. Dose range finding studies with two RPGR transgenes in a canine model of X-linked retinitis pigmentosa treated with subretinal gene therapy. Hum. Gene Ther., 2020:31 (13-14):743-755.

Dufour VL, Cideciyan AV, Ye GJ, Song C, Timmers A, Habecker PL, Pan W, Weinstein NM, Swider M, Durham AC, Ying GS, Robinson PM, Jacobson SG, Knop DR, Chulay JD, Shearman MS, Aguirre GD, Beltran WA. Toxicity and efficacy evaluation of an adeno-associated virus vector expressing codon-optimized RPGR delivered by subretinal injection in a canine model of X-linked retinitis pigmentosa. Hum. Gene Ther., 2020; 31 (3-4): 253-267.

Garafalo AV, Cideciyan AV, Héon E, Sheplock R, Pearson A, WeiYang Yu C, Sumaroka A, Aguirre GD, Jacobson SG. Progress in treating inherited retinal diseases: Early subretinal gene therapy clinical trials and candidates for future initiatives. Prog. Retin. Eye Res., 2020; 77: 100827.

Iwabe S, Dufour VL, Guzman JM, Holle DM, Cohen JA, Beltran WA, Aguirre GD. Focal/multifocal and geographic retinal dysplasia in the dog-In vivo microanatomy analyses.Vet. Ophthalmol., 2020; 23 (2):292-304.

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Gardiner KL, Cideciyan AV, Swider M, Dufour VL, Sumaroka A, Komaromy AM, Hauswirth WW, Iwabe S, Jacobson SG, Beltran WA, Aguirre GD. Long-term structural outcomes of late-stage RPE65 gene therapy. Mol. Ther., 2020; 28 (1): 266-278

– 2019 –

Léger H, Santana E, Beltran WA, Luca FC. Preparation of mouse retinal cryo-sections for immunohistochemistry. J. Vis. Exp., 2019; 149. doi: 10.3791/59683.

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– 2018 –

– 2018 –

Léger H., Santana E., Leu N.A., Smith E.T., Beltran W.A., Aguirre G.D., Luca F.C. Ndr kinases regulate retinal interneuron proliferation and homeostasis. Sci Rep., 2018; 8(1):12544.

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– 2017 –

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– 2016 –

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– 2015 –

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– 2014 –

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– 2013 –

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– 2012 –

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– 2011 –

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– 2010 –

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