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Research has found a way to block the Marburg virus from spreading.
Marburg virus-like particles (in green, which are not infectious) “bud,” or exit from the surface of a host cell, with help from a host protein (in yellow). The Ron Harty Lab and colleagues have identified a compound that can reduce the ability of the Marburg virus to spread in an animal model by blocking the host-viral interaction.

Research Laboratories at Penn Vet

Penn Vet faculty are engaged in ongoing groundbreaking research. Here are examples of faculty laboratories and the projects being investigated, both at our Philadelphia campus and at New Bolton Center.

Swine Teaching and Research Center

Penn Vet's Swine facilityToday the US swine industry finds itself confronted with rapidly changing public opinion and policy on how gestating sows should be housed. Penn Vet is uniquely positioned to provide the industry with relevant scientific data collected from this living laboratory.

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