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Clinical Trials at Penn Vet

Here are all of the active clinical trials taking place at Penn Vet. Browse our list, which can be filtered by animal and trial type. 

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The Utility of OncoK9 Liquid Biopsy for the Detection of Canine Insulinoma

This trial will be determine if Oncok9 Liquid Biopsy kit can detect insulinoma cells in the blood of dogs.

active pancreatic cancer Insulinoma clinical trial dog

Cathepsin-activated near-infrared (NIR) imaging for intraoperative detection of insulinomas

A clinical trial evaluating a new near-infrared imaging agent to detect cancerous tissue in dogs with Insulinoma during surgical excision.

pancreatic Insulinoma dog clinical trial cancer active

Sentinel lymph node mapping for canine apocrine gland anal sac adenocarcinoma

The aims of this study are to develop SLN mapping techniques in dogs with anal sac tumors (to aid in early detection and removal of cancerous lymph nodes) and to evaluate their utility and agreement.

active sacculectomy lymph node AGASACA carcinoma anal gland cancer anal sac tumor dog

Evaluation of Bendamustine as a Novel Chemotherapy Agent for Relapsed Canine Lymphoma

The purpose of this study is to evaluate different doses of bendamustine in dogs with lymphoma to evaluate its safety and effectiveness.

active chemotherapy lymphoma dogs

The use of exercise to improve treatment for insulin-treated diabetic dogs

The FreeStyle Libre glucose monitoring system will help determine if exercise can improve glucose regulation in dogs with diabetes.

dogs with diabetes diabetic dogs insulin treatment in dogs active

New oral combination treatment for insulin-treated diabetic dogs

Penn Vet is conducting a clinical trial with an oral medication that is used, in combination with insulin, for treatment of diabetes in humans, and has been given safely to dogs.

diabetes blood glucose diabetes in dogs active

Intraoperative detection of osteosarcoma margins in canines using an integrated spectroscopy and imaging system

A clinical trial looking at a new near-infrared imaging agent designed to be used during surgery to visualize cancerous bone lesions in dogs with primary bone tumors during surgical excision

surgery Dr. Anna Massie Dr. Massie active imaging agent bone tumor tumor leg tumor amputation bone cancer osteosarcoma

Synovetin OA in Dogs with Hip Dysplasia

New Clinical Trial for Dogs with Bilateral Hip Dysplasia Evaluating the Effectiveness of Synovetin OA

aching hips Synovetin OA OA Jason Syrcle Dr. Jason Syrcle Dr. Syrcle dog arthritis osteoarthritis hip pain hip dysplasia active

Clinical evaluation of propranolol and doxorubicin for the treatment of splenic hemangiosarcoma in the dog

In this trial, we will be evaluating Propranolol’s effect on survival time and quality of life when given in combination with the standard chemotherapy treatment.

doxorubicin active splenic HSA splenic hemangiosarcoma spleen propranolol PPL HSA hemangiosarcoma Dr. Pascal Salah Dr. Jennifer Mahoney chemotherapy cancer center cancer active cancer

Fosmidomycin Otic Trial for dogs

Dermatology is currently enrolling in a clinical trial evaluating a novel, topical antimicrobial for dogs with bilateral otitis.

ear infection in dogs canine otitis active

Community Population Prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 in Cats and Dogs

A study to determine the prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) in the local pet population

Covid in pets COVID-19 coronavirus active

Immunotherapy Clinical Trial for Dogs with Solid Tumors

New clinical trial using a sting agonist for various solid tumor types with a moderate to high risk of metastasis

cancer active active tumor surgery tumor surgery sting agonist squamous cell carcinoma soft tissue sarcoma osteosarcoma mass mammary carcinoma malignant melanoma immunotherapy growth dog cancer dog cancer

Intraoperative Detection and Resection of Tumors in Canines Using an Integrated Spectroscopy and Imaging System

A clinical trial to determine if near-infrared imaging can improve the surgeon’s ability to see cancer and cancer margins during surgery to remove primary lung tumors in dogs.

cancer active tumor surgery primary lung tumor Oncology metastasis mass margins lung tumor lung mass lung infrared Imaging Dr. David Holt diagnostic imaging comprehensive cancer care canine tumor canine lung tumor canine cancer cancer center cancer advanced imaging active

Treatment of Canine perianal fistulas with intra-lesionally injected human embryonic stem cell-derived mesenchymal stem cells (HMCs)

A clinical trial looking at the clinical outcome of dogs with varying degrees of inflammation and wounds due to perianal fistulas, which is treated with a new, single, intra-lesional injection therapy to manage perianal fistulas.

derm dermatology Dr. Christine Cain lesion fistulas fistula butt anus anal gland anal fistulas anal fistula active

New treatment for heart failure in dogs

Clinical trial of a new oral medication using plant-based encapsulation technology, which allows oral administration of drugs that would otherwise need to be given by injection.

active ryan cardiology trial ryan cardiology Myxomatous mitral valve disease mitral valve disease heart failure

Pilot Study of xenograft chimeric antigen receptor T cell therapy for drug resistant or refractory CD20+ B cell Lymphoma

T cell therapy for drug resistant B cell Lymphoma

Mason Active lymphoma dogs canine cancer active cancer B-cell lymphoma active

Elbow Osteoarthritis - A Randomized placebo controlled pilot study to evaluate A-18 in dogs with pain due to elbow osteoarthritis

A-18 for dogs with elbow osteoarthritis

active elbow pain Elbow osteoarthritis elbow arthritis arthritis

Evaluation of Nemo Binding Domain (NBD) peptide for dogs with soft tissue sarcoma

NBD Peptide for Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Mason Active tumor soft tissue sarcoma sarcoma mass cancer center Cancer Care cancer active

Comparison of the efficacy & impact on suppressor cells of CHOP vs. LOPP chemotherapy in canine T-cell lymphoma

CHOP vs. LOPP chemotherapy for T-cell Lymphoma

cancer active active lymphoma lymph node chemotherapy cancer

Soft Tissue Sarcoma & Mammary Carcinoma - Photoacoustic System for Identifying Tumor Edges (PSITE)

cancer active tumor removal tumor soft tissue sarcoma mammary carcinoma cancer center cancer active

Clinical & Safety Evaluation of SOCS1-KIR for the Treatment of Horses with Uveitis

This study evaluates the safety and effectiveness associated with the administration a new medication to positively impact comfort of the eye and prolong vision in horses diagnosed with unilateral or bilateral uveitis.

active vision in horses unilateral uveitis ophthalmology equine uveitis bilateral uveitis

Coagulation in Septic Peritonitis in Dogs

We are testing a heparin derivative that is anti-inflammatory without being anticoagulant.

abdomen septic belly septic abdomen septic peritonitis active

Use of Near-infrared Imaging in Surgical Accuracy for Feline Soft-Tissue Sarcomas

Penn Vet is conducting a study to determine if near-infrared imaging can improve the surgeon’s ability to see cancer and cancer margins during surgery to remove feline soft tissue sarcomas.

cancer active ryan surgery infrared imaging feline soft tissue sarcoma david holt active

Re-directed Autologous T cell Therapy for B cell lymphoma or B Cell Leukemia

Immune cells (known as T cells) are taken from the peripheral blood, stimulated, expanded and genetically modified in the laboratory to express a surface receptor that recognizes B cells

Mason Active immunotherapy comprehensive cancer care canine lymphoma canine cancer cancer center cancer active cancer b-cell malignancies B-cell lymphoma active

Long term study assessing outcome of knee arthritis in dogs with cruciate ligament (CCL) rupture

A clinical trial evaluating the outcome of dogs with patellofemoral osteoarthritis due to the rupture of the Cranial Cruciate Ligament in one stifle, then stabilized with the Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) procedure

Dr. Kimberly Agnello VCIC TPLO tibial plateau leveling osteotomy stifle osteoarthritis orthopedic limping ligament rupture knee joint cruciate tear cruciate cranial cruciate ligament CCL arthritis Agnello active ACL