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The Animal Model Core & Comparative Orthopedic Research Laboratory (AMC-CORL) at the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Veterinary Medicine (Penn Vet) is focused on non-clinical and clinical (VICH-GL9) translation. With versatile expertise and over a decade of experience, AMC-CORL is able to support studies on infection, long bone, soft tissue, spine, joints, cartilage, and much more. Leveraging multi-disciplinary specialties at Penn Vet, AMC-CORL provides a refined platform of successful translation using experimental and naturally-occurring disease models. We partner with pharmaceutical and medical-device companies, government agencies, and academic institutions to meet a broad range of R&D needs.

In the current med-tech landscape, investors, and ultimately payers (insurance companies, hospitals, and patients), require medical innovation that provides value – reducing healthcare costs through better clinical outcomes and reduced procedure costs. In the development stage, not only do decisions need to consider the value the product will bring, they must also be thoughtful of the overall cost of development.

Appropriately aligning your product development efforts, including preclinical testing, can increase your team’s efficiency and ultimately increase the likelihood of a successful product. For over a decade, we have taken time to listen and understand your product development plans, your intended markets, and the value proposition for your investigational therapy or device. Our objective is to ask the right questions in order to choose a refined preclinical model with high translational fidelity. This approach has delivered answers in the context of the intended clinical indication of your technology. Through our innovative partnerships, we have successfully moved numerous new therapies to market. At times we have also failed, but this failure in the preclinical stage presents opportunity for improvement and insight into your technology before bringing it to a clinical trial setting. Whatever your needs, the Penn Vet Animal Model Core & Comparative Orthopedic Research Lab is here to help with dedication, detail, and insight.

Our Services include:

  • Project Planning
  • Test Article Prototyping & Testing
  • Model Development & Refinement
  • Feasibility & Pilot Studies
  • Execution of Pivotal Studies
  • Acute & Chronic Data Collection
  • Data Mining and Analysis
  • Support of Regulatory Submissions
  • Reports & Publication
  • GLP Archive


Penn Vet AMC-CORL has a well-established infrastructure to ensure studies are conducted in compliance with Good Laboratory Practices (21 CFR, Part 58 – GLP). Our internal Quality Assurance Unit works to maintain adherence to study protocols and SOP’s and produce robust data. All laboratory team members are continuously trained in this rigorous process. Additionally, regulated studies with the goal of FDA submission are monitored by an external Q/A entity.


The Animal Model Core & Comparative Orthopedic Research Lab is part of New Bolton Center’s 700-acre campus. Animal housing is designed to the highest standards for humane treatment and hygienic conditions.

Imaging & Diagnostic Capabilities

Our research is supported by state-of-the-art imaging equipment, both within our core as well as the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.