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Comparative Pathology Core

Comparative Pathology Core

Characterization and validation of animal models of disease play a crucial role in our effort to understand and cure human disorders. Recognition and proper interpretation of the clinicopathological endpoints in experimental animals are essential to achieve a better understanding of their preclinical relevance and translational potential.

The Comparative Pathology Core (CPC), an Abramson Cancer Center shared resource, was created with the specific aim of providing expert pathological characterization and validation of preclinical animal models used in biomedical research.

The CPC currently supports several major research lines within the University of Pennsylvania and closely related institutes such as the Abramson Cancer Center, the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and the Wistar Institute. Particular emphasis is given to the comparative pathology of genetically engineered mouse models in the context of both basic and translational research.

To pursue this mission, the CPC offers the expertise of board-certified veterinary pathologists, access to a state-of-the-art histology and immunohistochemistry service, and a thorough comparative pathology pipeline that ensures accurate interpretation of pathological changes developed in a wide range of experimental settings.

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For more information on our services, or to register, please contact:

Amy Durham, MS, VMD, DACVP, Faculty Director

Enrico Radaelli, DVM, PhD, DECVP, Technical Director

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Accessing the Comparative Pathology Core Service

If you are a University of Pennsylvania research investigator interested in utilizing our services, you can register to use the Comparative Pathology Core Service by using your PennKey.

In order to complete the registration, you will need the name, phone number and PennKey username of your Business Administrator/Manager, and the grant number and expiration date.

View Samples of Our Work

Visit our gallery of pathology samples to see examples of the range of stains and techniques we use in our diagnostic process.