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Thalamic neurons in an aged C57BL/6J mouse exhibit strong, deep purple, positive staining with phosphotungstic acid-haemotoxylin histochemical staining.

Immunostaining Services

The CPC offers immunohistochemistry (IHC) and multiplex immunofluorescence (IF) staining service through a Leica BOND RXm automated platform. The innovative Opal™ Multiplex technique (PerkinElmer) is also available allowing simultaneous labeling with antibodies raised in the same species.

A series of protocols and applications are already available to stain tissue sections and cytological preparations from different animal species. Please, see below for an updated list of working stainings and applications available in our portfolio.

If you are interested in using our staining service, please contact us to discuss in detail your request.

If we already have working protocols and applications for your target/s of interest, we will test those on your samples. In all other cases, we will optimize a new staining protocol based on the available applications and your specific needs. For new antibody work-up a preliminary meeting with the investigator is usually requested to agree on procedures and objectives of the experiment.

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A-Z List of Protocols & Applications

Website Abbreviation List

  • Rb-Rabbit, Gt-Goat, Ms-Mouse, Rat-Rat, Can-Canine (Dog), Fel- Feline (Cat), Hum-Human
  • pAb-Polyclonal Antibody, mAb-Monoclonal Antibody
  • IHCc-Immunocytochemistry on Cytology preparations, IHCp-Immunohistochemistry on Parafin Sections, IFp-Immunofluroscence on Paraffin Sections