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Dr. Johnston and nurse Chris Rizzo examining a patient

What to Expect

When you are facing a medical emergency, it's helpful to know what you might expect when you show up at New Bolton Center. Here are some tips for what to do and what you can expect once you get here.

  • 1. First things first

    Call ahead! A call from either you or your veterinarian to speak with the on-call veterinarian will allow us to be ready and waiting for you when you arrive at New Bolton Center.

  • 2. When you arrive

    Please call the hospital admissions office at 610-444-5800 as you are driving onto the New Bolton campus and into the trailer parking area. You can park in the trailer parking lot and follow signs to “Admissions”. Because of COVID-19 protocols, we require anyone who enters the hospital building or lobby to be wearing a mask. Our front desk staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will alert the doctors and nurses that you have arrived.

  • 3. What happens next

    The nature of your animal’s emergency will determine what happens next. Most often, a clinical care technician will assist you in unloading your animal from your vehicle and will lead your animal to an area where assessment and treatment can begin.

  • 4. Your emergency clinical team

    New Bolton Center is a teaching hospital, so there might be several people attending to your animal, including a senior clinician, a resident and/or an intern, a senior veterinary student, nurses and a nursing student.

  • 5. Assessment, care, and cost estimates

    Your animal will receive a thorough assessment and appropriate emergency care at whatever time you arrive. The attending clinician will discuss the findings with you so that decisions regarding further diagnostic testing and care can be made. Following initial assessment, a cost estimate for care will be made and you will be asked to leave a deposit for treatment.