William B. Boucher Field Service

New Bolton Center's Field Service Team

The William Boucher Field Service at New Bolton Center provides routine and emergency health care for equine and food animal clients within a 30-mile radius of the hospital. The group's specialists offer preventative health care, reproductive services, evaluation and treatment of lameness, medical and surgical disorders, on-farm diagnostic services, and emergency services. 

We are a fully equipped ambulatory practice that services all equids, cattle, and some small ruminants. Our goal is to care for our client’s animals with expert knowledge, state-of-the-art equipment, and compassion while providing clinical training to veterinary students. We strive to bring the best of primary and emergency care to our patients.

Penn Vet, New Bolton Center, Field Service

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  • Faculty/Clinicians
      Name Title Area(s) of Specialty
     Penn Vet, Elizabeth Arbittier, field service Liz Arbittier, VMD Staff Veterinarian, Field Service  Equine
     Ashley BoyleAshley G. Boyle, DVM, DACVIM
    Assistant Professor of Medicine, Field ServiceEquine
      Meggan Hain, DVM
    Staff Veterinarian, Field Service
     Michaela Kristula Michaela Kristula, DVM, MS Section Chief, Field Service
    Associate Professor of Medicine in Field Service
    Dairy Cattle, Equine
     Kaitlyn Lutz, VMD Kaitlyn Lutz, VMD
    Lecturer, Field Service
     Food Animal
     Billy Smith Billy I. Smith, DVM, MS, DABVP (Food Animal) Associate Professor of Medicine in Field Service (CE) Bovine
     Meagan Smith Meagan A. Smith, DVM, DABVP (Equine)
    Staff Veterinarian, Field Service
     Dr. Curtis Beidel, NBC Field Service/Food AnimalCurtis Beidel, VMD
    Food Animals
     Caitlin Rothacker, New Bolton Center, Field ServiceCaitlin C. Rothacker, DVM  Equine

    New Bolton Center, field serviceOur primary care service develops a personal relationship with our clients and our patients. Our services are provided by, or in consultation with, two boarded specialists on staff (boarded internist, boarded equine practitioner) as well as access to consultation with all of the in hospital specialists including our ophthalmologist, surgeons and theriogenologists.  Our services include, but are not limited to:

    • Herd health (vaccinations, preventative medicine)
    • Full lameness examinations with diagnostic analgesia (nerve blocks)
    • Digital Radiography
    • Digital Ultrasonography
    • Prepurchase examinations
    • Reproduction Services
    • Dental Procedures/Power Float
    • Internal Medicine consultations
    • Neonatal (Foal) Care
    • Field Surgeries
    • Upper Airway Endoscopy
    • Import and Export Quarantine Services
    • Acupuncture
    • Emergency service 24 hours a day

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    New Bolton Center, field serviceThe food animal ambulatory practice provides services in herd health and preventative herd health through sick animal management, diagnostic and clinical pathology, record analysis and protocol development. Reproductive management is provided through clinical herd animal evaluations and analysis of reproductive performance using various record systems. Disciplines of clinical internal medicine evaluation, diagnostic ultrasound, food animal surgery, clinical nutrition, milk quality, and production record evaluation, are employed to provide exemplary service to our clients. A fulltime emergency service is provided annually. 

    The goal of the bovine practice is to provide food animals with health and preventative health care, and reproductive management. The service provides a wide variety of practice experience including work with expanding dairy herds, beef cow/calf operations, beef feedlot operations. The practice also cares for various sheep and dairy goat operations and a limited number of swine. 

    Field Service has a heavy case load with approximately 13,000 animals seen annually. The service has access to various state of the art practice modalities such as: 

    1. Animal Health Care
      1. Digital radiography
      2. Ultrasonography
      3. Blood analysis
    2. Preventative Health Care
      1. Milk Quality Analysis
        1. Tri-scan Milking Unit Analyzer
        2. Lactoquarter Milking Unit Analyzer
        3. Parlor Pal Milker Analyzer
      2. Ventilation Analyzer
        1. Air quality/speed analyzer
      3. Calf Health and Management
        1. Refractometer (colostrum management)
      4. New Bolton Center, field serviceReproductive Management
        1. Synchronization analysis
        2. Obstetrical equipment
    3. Specialist consultation
      1. Surgical consultation
      2. Medical consultation
      3. Pathobiological evaluation
      4. Microbiological evaluation
      5. Clinical Pathology evaluation
    4. Annual Producer Educational Seminars
      1. Milking procedures
      2. Calving/dystocia procedures
    5. Record analysis
      1. VETSTAR (state-of-the-art practice management software)
      2. Dairy Comp 305
      3. PC Dart