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Top Spring Tips for a Healthy Horse

Keeping your horse healthy and happy is particularly important in the spring when snows melt, rains bring mud, but you still want to get out and get ready for the upcoming season. Here are some great tips on caring for your horse during this challenging season, developed by the equine experts at New Bolton Center's Equine Field Service. 


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Five Top Tips for Spring

  • 1. Schedule those check-ups

    It takes vaccines two weeks to take effect: Make sure to get them on your calendar before the bugs make their return.

    A brief check-up is also a great idea to make sure no health issues have cropped up since the last exam - especially for senior equines!

  • 2. Keep an eye on the feet

    Mud can be an unfortunate side effect of the changing season and can cause headaches such as limb dermatitis, hoof abscesses, and thrush.

    Daily checks and hoof cleanings help to keep these ailments at bay.

  • 3. Watch what they eat

    Grass will be growing and some horses need their sugars restricted early in the spring. Others may have been receiving extra nutrition to get them through the difficult winter.

    Tailor these intakes as your fields start to flourish.

  • 4. Get back to work

    Show season starting soon? Don't get sidelined.

    Having performance horses evaluated prior to the competition season is always a great idea to identify any potential problems before they become limiting.

  • 5. Start with clean

    Mold and dust can lead to allergic airway and skin reactions, so a deep clean of the barn is never time wasted.

    Check medications and dispose of anything that has expired. Talk with your vet about what to keep at-the-ready so you're both ready to handle any at-home emergencies.