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New Bolton Center's Field Service treats small ruminants like goats and sheep.

Small Ruminant Field Service

New Bolton Center Field Service offers a variety of care options for small ruminants, including goats and sheep. We also offer an annual producer educational seminars. Please contact us for more information.

Wellness Program for Small Ruminants


New Bolton Center Field Service is proud to provide service to both small companion animal farms and large production farms. From routine wellness exams and vaccines to reproductive and nutritional counseling, we provide comprehensive, on-farm preventative medicine.

Registration for the 2024 Small Ruminant Wellness program
begins January 1, 2024. Please contact the office at (610) 925-6310 or

Contact Field Service

  • Appointments
    Monday- Friday, 8 am-5 pm
  • Ph: 610-925-6310
  • Emergencies
  • Ph: 610-444-5800
  • Fax: 610-925-6803


  • Digital radiography

    Our multiple, state-of-the-art cordless digital radiography systems provide top quality field images that are then reviewed in house on specialized screens in our radiology viewing room.  A radiologist or surgeon is always available for consultation.

  • Ultrasonography

    On-farm ultrasounds for pregnancy diagnosis or ultrasonographic assessment for diagnosis of disease.

  • Preventative Care
    • Annual vaccination programs

    • Deworming protocols and fecal evaluations

    • Foot trimming and foot care

    • Annual physical examinations

    • Nutritional consultation

    • New herd additions - physical examinations and screening tests for infectious disease
  • Breeding Management
    • New buck and ram examination
    • Breeding soundness examinations on bucks and rams with board certified reproduction specialists

    • Screening tests available for CAE/OPP and Caseous Lymphadenitis
    • Castration and disbudding services for lambs and kids
    • Newborn physical examinations
    • Pregnant and lactational nutritional consultations
  • Producer Educational Seminars
    • Parasite Information

    • Foot Care and Foot Diseases

    • Common Diseases of Sheep and Goats

    • Neonatal Care
  • Camelid Care (Llama/Alpaca/Camel)
    • Annual physical examinations

    • Vaccination Protocols

    • Deworming protocols and fecal examinations

    • Screening tests for Mycoplasma haemolamae

    • Nutritional consultations

    • Pregnancy assessment and neonatal physical examinations
On-farm surgical procedures - castrations

    • Foot care