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Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

The Internal Medicine Service at New Bolton Center is comprised of specialists in large animal internal medicine who are recognized internationally for their expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of medical disorders of all large animal species.

These specialists diagnose and treat animals with medical problems including neurologic, respiratory, gastrointestinal, muscular, infectious, hematologic, renal and endocrine disorders. Board-certified dermatologists are available by appointment to consult on animals with skin problems.

Meet Our Clinical Team

Our clinical team comprises dedicated and compassionate board-certified clinicians, faculty,  and vet technicians. Meet our clinical team...

What Does Internal Medicine Treat?

  • Endocrine Disorders

    Endocrine diseases stem from imbalances in hormone levels. Endocrine diseases develop when the body produces too much hormone (hyper- diseases) or too little hormone (hypo-diseases). Examples include Equine Cushing’s Disease, Equine Metabolic Syndrome, and hypo- or hyper-thyroidism. New Bolton Center's team of internal medicine specialists can help diagnose and treat these conditions.

  • Gastrointestinal Disorders

    Diseases and disorders of the gastrointestinal system can often be life-threatening if not treated quickly. Problems such as colitis, gastric ulcers, chronic inflammatory bowel disease can cause diarrhea, weight loss, or poor appetite. New Bolton Center offers the latest in diagnostic options, including gastroscopy, ultrasound, and intestinal absorption studies.

  • Mares and Foals

    At New Bolton Center, we have the kind of foaling care you need, whether you are expecting a normal birth from a healthy mare, or if you are concerned about a high-risk foaling experience. Our combined expertise in equine internal medicine, reproduction, and neonatal intensive care means you can stop worrying. Let us keep watch for you.

  • Muscular Disorders

    Large animals can suffer from  inherited or acquired muscle disorders such as Polysacharride Storage Myopathy, Rhabdomyolysis (“tying up”), and HYPP (hyperkalemic periodic paralysis). New Bolton Center's Internal Medicine team are experienced in properly diagnosing and treating these disorders.

  • Neonatal Intensive Care

    New Bolton Center's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is designed to accommodate the special needs of critically ill neonatal patients.

  • Neurology

    Our board-certified neurologist, one of three in the US, focuses on diseases affecting the nervous system to which horses as well as camelids and food animals are susceptible.

  • Renal Disorders

    Large animal kidneys are very efficient as long as they are in good health. Symptoms of kidney disease may be hard to detect without proper clinical care. New Bolton's Internal Medicine clinicians are trained and skilled in diagnosing and treating kidney disease.

  • Respiratory Disorders

    Every cell in a horse's body depends on the horse's oxygen intake. The same is true for all large animals. Abnormalities can restrict oxygen delivery to the tissue, which affects performance and overall health. Our specialists diagnose and treat respiratory disorders such as pneumonia, pleuritis, and inflammatory or allergic airway diseases (“heaves”). It's important to understand and treat disorders of the respiratory system in large animals quickly and effectively before they affect the overall health of your animal.

Equine Lyme Disease

Dr. Amy Johnson is interviewed by The Horse.

Contacting Internal Medicine

  • Appointments:
    • Appointments are available for routine conditions.
    • Appointments may be made by the owner, trainer, or referring veterinarian.
  • Emergencies:
    • Emergency services are available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week