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New Bolton Center Residents and Interns

At New Bolton Center, interns and residents are integral members of the clinical care team, comprising senior faculty supervisory clinicians, staff veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and students. 

What Our Residents and Interns Do

  • Supervise the care and treatment of patients under the direction of the attending faculty/senior clinician.
  • Attend clinical rounds, seminars, continuing education, and meetings related to their clinical service.
  • Take part in the clinical teaching of junior and senior veterinary students.
  • Supervise patient care provided by students; active instruction of students is expected.

  • What is an intern?

    An intern is a veterinarian who is seeking additional training in a more specialized hospital environment such as an academic hospital. Obtaining an internship at Penn Vet is highly competitive.  Our interns represent some of the top young veterinarians in the world.  An internship is a one year position.  Most interns rotate through multiple services in our hospital, obtaining a broad exposure to veterinary medicine and surgery.  However, there are some specialty interns who focus on a single specialty. 

  • What is a resident?

    A resident is a veterinarian who has already completed an internship, and has decided to continue his or her training in a particular specialty. Only the finest interns are successful in obtaining a residency, which is typically a three-year program.  Towards the end of their three-year tenure in an academic veterinary hospital, residents typically take specialty board examinations so that they can become board-certified in a specialty service. Residents who have completed this type of intensive, post-graduate training aim for academic careers in clinical care and research, or serve as specialty care veterinarians in private practice.

Meet New Bolton Center's Residents & Interns

New Bolton Center Interns
Dr. Violette Cassiers
  • Violette Cassiers, DMV
  • Intern, Medicine, Surgery, ECC
Dr. Corrine Crosby
  • Corinne Crosby, DVM
  • Intern, Medicine, Surgery, ECC
Dr. Martina Ernestova
  • Martina Ernestova, MVDr
  • Intern, Medicine, Surgery, ECC
Dr. Virginia Melly
  • Virginia Melly, MVB
  • Intern, Medicine, Surgery, ECC
Dr. Flavie Payette
  • Flavie Payette, DVM
  • Intern, Medicine, Surgery, ECC
Dr. Alexandra Usimaki
  • Alexandra Usimaki, DVM
  • Intern, Medicine, Surgery, ECC
Musculoskeletal Research Fellow
Dr. Sarah Ciamillo, New Bolton Center
  • Sarah Ciamillo, DVM
  • Musculoskeletal Research Fellow
Comparative Orthopedic Research Fellows
Dr. Adriana Barba, New Bolton Center
  • Adriana Barba, DVM
  • CORL Research Fellow
Dr. Alessandra Fusco, New Bolton Center
  • Alessandra Fusco, DVM
  • CORL Research Fellow

Anesthesia Residents
Dr. Jerriane Brandly
  • Jerianne Brandly, DVM
  • Resident
Dr. Alycia Frampton
  • Alycia Frampton, VMD
  • Resident
Dr. Travis Mills, Penn Vet
  • Travis Mills, DVM
  • Resident
Megan Schnuelle, DVM, Penn Vet
  • Megan Schnuelle, DVM
  • Resident
Cardiology/Ultrasound Fellow 
Dr. Amanda Avison, New Bolton Center
  • Amanda Avison, DVM
  • Fellow, Cardiology & Ultrasound
Emergency & Critical Care Fellow 
Dr. Alicia Long, Penn Vet
  • Alicia Long, DVM
  • Fellow, Emergency & Critical Care
Field Service
Dr. Emily Egolf, New Bolton Center
  • Emily Egolf, VMD
  • Resident, Field Service
Dr. Tara Gaab, New Bolton Center
  • Tara Gaab, VMD
  • Resident, Food Animal Field Service
No photo
  • Ann DiPastina, DVM
  • Resident, Field Service
Dr. Caitrin Lowndes
  • Caitrin Lowndes, MVB
  • Intern, Field Service
Poultry Welfare
Dr. Kristofer Smith
  • Kris Smith, VMD
  • Resident, Poultry Welfare
Internal Medicine 
Sarah Colmer, DVM, Penn Vet
  • Sarah Colmer, VMD
  • Resident, Internal Medicine
Dr. Carla Enriquez, New Bolton Center
  • Carla Enriquez, BVM&S
  • Resident, Internal Medicine
Laurence Leduc, DVM, Penn Vet
  • Laurence Leduc, DVM
  • Resident, Internal Medicine

Dr. Andrea Oliver, New Bolton Center
  • Andrea Oliver, DVM
  • Resident, Internal Medicine
Dr. Megan Palmisano
  • Megan Palmisano, DVM
  • Resident, Internal Medicine
Dr. Clarisa Romero Hernández
  • Clarisa Romero Hernández, DVM
  • Resident, Internal Medicine
Ophthalmology Residents
Dr. Valerie Dufour, Ophthalmology, Penn Vet
  • Valerie Dufour, DVM, MSc
  • Resident, Ophthalmology
Dr. Harathi Krishnan
  • Harathi Krishnan, VMD
  • Resident, Ophthalmology
Radiology/Imaging Residents
Dr. Andrew Adazio, Penn Vet
  • Andrew Adezio, DVM
  • Resident, Radiology
Dr. Erica Dobbs
  • Erica Dobbs, DVM
  • Resident, Radiology
Dr. Rachel Durrwacher
  • Rachel Durrwachter, VMD
  • Resident, Radiology
Sydney Gibson, DVM, Penn Vet
  • Sydney Gibson, DVM
  • Resident, Radiology
Dr. Rebecca Gomez, Penn Vet
  • Rebeca Gomez, DVM
  • Resident, Radiology
Dr. Elisa Heacock
  • Elisa Heacock, VMD
  • Resident, Radiology
Christopher Koester, DVM
  • Christopher Koester, DVM
  • Resident, Radiology
  • Maria Mulvihill, DVM
  • Resident, Radiology
Dr. Lawrence Quilty, Penn Vet
  • Lawrence (Alex) Quilty, DVM
  • Resident, Radiology
Dr. Olivia Stonehouse, New Bolton Center
  • Olivia Stonehouse, DVM
  • Resident, Large Animal Theriogenology
Dr. Jenna Ward
  • Jenna Ward, DVM
  • Resident, Large Animal Theriogenology
 Shannon Connard, DVM, Penn Vet
  • Shannon Connard, DVM
  • Surgery Resident
Dr. Alycia Crandall, New Bolton Center
  • Alycia Crandall, DVM
  • Surgery Resident
Dr. Jairo Perez
  • Jairo Perez, DVM
  • Surgery Resident
Dr. Catherine Thurston, New Bolton Center 
  • Catherine Thurston, VMD
  • Surgery Resident
Amanda Watkins, VMD, Penn Vet
  • Amanda Watkins, VMD
  • Surgery Resident
Dr. Katrijn Whisenant
  • Katrijn Whisenant, DVM
  • Surgery Resident
Sustainable Livestock Agriculture
Dr. Brianna Parsons, Penn Vet
  • Brianna Parsons, VMD
  • Lecturer, Sustainable Livestock Agriculture