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New Bolton Center's Surgery Service has received regional, national, and international news coverage. From our innovative and groundbreaking robotic technology being used to diagnose everything from lameness to neck injury to our laminitis and arthritis research, our surgery team is world famous.

New Bolton Center Surgery In the News

  • Managing Equine Foot Pain

    The HorseWednesday, Jan 9, 2019
    Dr. Kyla Ortved commented on MRI as the gold standard for documenting soft tissue pathology in a story about managing equine foot pain.
  • A closer look at navicular disease

    Country FolksFriday, Dec 28, 2018
    Dr. Ortved and Pat Reilly, chief of farrier services, talked about diagnosing and managing navicular disease.
  • Managing "Broken" Horses in Emergency Situations

    The HorseTuesday, Mar 28, 2017
    Dr. Dean Richardson discusses ways to manage broken horse limbs in emergency situations.
  • Robotic scan for horses could hold promise for human health

    Associated PressWednesday, Oct 19, 2016
    Dr. Dean Richardson comments on using the EQUIMAGINE imaging system for preventive scans in horses.
  • Hoof-Care Triage

    The HorseMonday, Jul 11, 2016
    Pat Reilly, chief of farrier services, and Dr. David Levine offer triage advice for hoof-related emergencies.

Surgery Case Stories


Senior Senator's Triumphant Return

Senior Senator has been called “one of the craziest horses that ever looked through a bridle.” But a serious accident in May 2017 temporarily dampened some of the eight-year-old gelding’s fiery, unique personality, nearly ending his racing career. While defending his 2016 Maryland Hunt Cup title at the 2017 race, the Thoroughbred and jockey Eric Poretz tumbled at the third fence in the notoriously challenging four-mile timber course.


Innovating Diagnostics for Equine Arthritis

Arthritis can sideline a sport horse. Catching and treating the joint disease early is key to keeping an athletic equine comfortable and active. But when arthritis affects a horse’s elegant and powerful neck, with its complex map of muscles and vertebrae, it’s hard to pinpoint.


Pig Injured by Hunting Arrow Saved by Surgery at Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center

Veterinarians at Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center performed emergency surgery on a 500-pound pig found at a Chester County animal sanctuary with a hunting arrow embedded in its chest.