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Telehealth at New Bolton Center

At New Bolton Center, we stay ahead of the curve. Especially at a time when the nation and the world needs innovative clinical approaches, we now offer Telehealth options for both our referring veterinarians and our clients. 

Our Mission: Our mission is to provide excellent telehealth to improve animal health, foster a team approach to medicine and create new learning opportunities for veterinarians worldwide. 

Schedule a Telehealth Appointment

If You Are a Veterinarian

For Emergencies:  Call 610-444-5800, 24 hours/day, 365 days/year 

If You Are a Field Service Client

For Emergencies:  Call 610-444-5800, 24 hours/day, 365 days/year 

What is Telehealth?

Teleconsultation (veterinarian to specialist) and telemedicine (veterinarian to client) allow clinicians from multiple institutions to collaborate on medical cases on-site. Experts in any area of equine or large animal medicine can take a collaborative approach and provide insights as well as case-by-case solutions on the spot. Telehealth saves time reduces the need for animal and personnel movement, and provides veterinarians with the flexibility to treat their patients while following best practices on social distancing. 

How Teleconsultation Works for On-site Veterinarians

  • The on-site veterinarian will request a consult with a specific clinical service. 
  • The on-site veterinarian and the tele-clinician from New Bolton Center will evaluate a case aided by telecommunications technology and the on-site veterinarian will maintain the responsibility of diagnosis and treatment. 
  • The New Bolton Center tele-clinician will send reports and monitor records as well as follow-up. 

How Telemedicine Works for New Bolton Field Service Clients

  1. The animal owner will request a consult with New Bolton Center’s Field Service.
  2. Using the same clinical skills that are used in person, the field service clinician  from New Bolton Center will evaluate a case through a "virtual visit" aided by telecommunications technology. 
  3. The New Bolton Center clinician will send reports and monitor records as well as follow-up.

Benefits of Telemedicine and Teleconsultation

  • Animals receive veterinary medical care of the highest level while following best practices on social distancing.
  • Telemedicine and teleconsultation minimize human exposure to COVID-19 whilst maintaining patient care.
  • These types of service provide both clinical and educational assistance to underserved, remote areas. 
  • Innovative educational opportunities for clinicians, medical experts, and veterinary students can take place in both a just-in-time delivery method, or in a virtual environment.
  • Telemedicine and Teleconsultation provide clinical education for veterinarians, veterinary nursing staff and students.
New Bolton Telemedicine Team
Dr. Cristobal Navas de Solis, Penn Vet
Dr. Olivia Lorello, Penn Vet New Bolton Center
Dr. Claire Underwood, Penn Vet

New Bolton Center Telehealth COVID-19 Pandemic Response

As the impact of COVID-19 continues to unfold with unprecedented speed, the New Bolton Center community is offering telehealth consultations with our referring veterinarians.

  • We will use teleconference software, cameras, and exchange of files to provide real-time guidance with devices, such as ultrasounds or endoscopes.
  • We can also provide assistance determining the type of equipment you might need to establish the communication depending on the case – often an internet connection and computer, tablet, or phone.
  • All regular medical questions and referrals will be handled as usual through the clinic phone number.
  • We continue to welcome your phone calls and emails or visits to discuss cases.

Please note that the teleconsultation service will not substitute professional courtesy and exchange of ideas, nor is it meant to be a substitute for traditional referrals. Also be advised that a Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR) cannot be established by electronic means. Your patients will stay under your care, while we provide another route for you to offer the best care possible.

Please download our Fact Sheet on Telehealth at New Bolton Center...