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Emergencies at Ryan Hospital

Emergency Service Status

Diverting Patients

Accepting Patients

Throughout the region, veterinary hospitals continue to see an unprecedented level of emergency cases. While our Emergency Service is open and operating 24/7, to maintain excellence in patient safety, we may need to change to diversion status at any time.

When we are in active "Diverting" status, we are only able to accommodate life-threatening emergencies and must advise all other patients to seek care elsewhere until we can revert to "Accepting Patient" status.

If you have questions or concerns, please call us before you come to ensure that we can offer you the high standards of service that you have come to expect. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Care When You Need It

The primary goal of the Emergency Service is to rapidly assess patients to determine the severity of a problem and initiate appropriate stabilization, treatment, and diagnostic testing.

The Emergency team provides service to the surrounding community while also teaching veterinary students, interns, residents and nursing students.

Call Us

If you are having an emergency or if you think it's an emergency and you're not sure, call us!

Our emergency room is always open. If you are unsure whether you pet's problem is emergent, please call in and one of our trained staff will assist you.

We are here for you

The Emergency Service at Ryan Veterinary Hospital operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for dog and cat owners whose pets become ill or require urgent care, and for veterinarian-referred cases for dogs and cats with serious or life-threatening problems that require immediate attention. Ryan Veterinary Hospital is certified as a Level One Trauma facility by the VECSS.

Our staff comprises board-certified specialists and ES staff veterinarians in emergency and critical care, along with residents, interns, nurses, nurse assistants and receptionists.

What to Expect

  • Triage receptionists handle all incoming phone calls and help clients determine whether their pet has a serious medical problem that requires immediate care.
  • The emergency nursing staff triage all incoming patients and determine the medical priority.
  • All patients in life-threatening situations are immediately brought to the treatment area, where the emergency clinician performs a physical examination and provides emergency stabilization.
  • Patients are seen on a medical priority basis. Waiting times for clients can vary, depending on caseload at the time of presentation. 
  • Patients seen by the Emergency Service can be transferred within the hospital to the appropriate department between 7–8 a.m. the following day, transferred to their local veterinarian by 12 noon the following day or discharged to go home from the Emergency Service.