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Rosenthal Imaging & Treatment Center

The Rosenthal Imaging and Treatment Center (RITC) provides state-of-the-art care for companion animals.

The Rosenthal Imaging and Treatment Center (RITC) is a high-tech, 9,200 sq. ft. facility, housing medical imaging and radiation therapy equipment. The RITC includes:

  • MRI
  • CT
  • Linear accelerator
  • Two examination rooms
  • A fully-equipped anesthesia prep room
  • A patient recovery suite
  • A conference room
  • MRI: A GE 1.5 Tesla MRI scanner allows superb imaging of internal structures and provides soft tissue detail not available with conventional X-rays or CT scans. The MRI is operated by a certified MRI radiology technologist, and images are interpreted by board-certified radiologists, and other specialists.
  • CT: A 16-slice helical CT unit was installed in 2009 and is housed in the Rosenthal Imaging and Treatment Center (RITC). This CT scanner allows for rapid acquisition of cross-sectional images. This significantly decreases the time to complete a scan and therefore duration of anesthesia and also provides images with superb resolution. In conjunction with the latest computer software multi-slice CT permits evaluation of blood flow within the body and dynamic assessment tumor perfusion.
  • Linear Accelerator: The RITC offers megavoltage radiation therapy delivered with a Siemens 6 MV linear accelerator that produces both high energy photons and electron beams. Three dimensional computer treatment planning and a custom block fabrication station allow for precise targeting of the tumor which increases treatment effectiveness while minimizing complications with normal tissue. Treatment is performed by a board certified radiation oncologist in conjunction with skilled radiation therapists.
  • Anesthesia Prep Room: A board-certified anesthesiologist oversees a staff of certified veterinary technicians who work together to individualize anesthesia for each patient. Vital signs of every patient are monitored with the aid of specialized equipment throughout each procedure. A centralized preparation and recovery area allows for efficient and constant observation during anesthesia and recovery.

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