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Throughout the region, veterinary hospitals continue to see an unprecedented level of emergency cases. While our Emergency Service is open and operating 24/7, to maintain excellence in patient safety, we may need to change to diversion status at any time.

When we are in active "Diverting" status, we are only able to accommodate life-threatening emergencies and must advise all other patients to seek care elsewhere until we can revert to "Accepting Patient" status.

If you have questions or concerns, please call us before you come to ensure that we can offer you the high standards of service that you have come to expect. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Our Emergency Service is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and staffed by emergency medicine clinicians and emergency/critical care specialists, as well as nursing specialists. Our clinical services are staffed by board-certified specialists, residents, interns, nurses and students.

Ryan Hospital Clinical Services

  • Advanced Urinary Care

    Penn Vet's Ryan Hospital is the nation's only academic veterinary hospital to offer comprehensive services and certified specialists in urologic and kidney care for companion animals. We specialize in common urological ailments of the urinary tract, minimally invasive treatments, surgical options (when necessary) and extracorporeal therapies such as hemodialysis and plasma exchange.

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  • Anesthesia

    Throughout the years, veterinary anesthesiology has followed human medicine with regard to providing the safest possible anesthetics, assisted ventilation and oxygen delivery, and constant monitoring and support of vital status.  The anesthesia section at Ryan Hospital consists of board-certified anesthesiologists, residents, and certified veterinary technicians.

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  • Behavior Medicine

    The Behavior Clinic at Ryan Hospital is dedicated to helping pets and their owners live together comfortably and safely. Our veterinarians and staff are experienced in addressing behavior problems with an approach that combines skills from the fields of veterinary medicine, behavioral medicine, applied animal behavior and pet training. We see cats and dogs of all ages.

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  • Cardiology

    Established in 1958, Cardiology is considered the birthplace of specialty veterinary medicine. Today, the service continues this tradition by offering state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment services aimed at improving the health and well-being of animal companions.

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  • Comprehensive Cancer Care

    In treating dogs and cats with cancer, Comprehensive Cancer Care at Penn Vet combines the collaborative expertise of our world-renowned specialists in internal medicine, medical oncology, surgical oncology, radiation oncology, pain management, interventional radiology, as well as support services for animal owners.  We offer a patient-centric, team-based approach to cancer therapy for your pet so that all aspects of your animal's clinical history and well-being are being considered to determine the most accurate diagnosis and best treatment course.

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  • Dentistry & Oral Surgery

    Dentistry & Oral Surgery at Penn Vet provides a full range of procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases in dogs, cats, and various special species, including oral examination, radiology, dental cleaning, periodontal surgery, tooth extraction, endodontics, restorative dentistry, prosthodontics, orthodontics, oral and maxillofacial trauma management, temporomandibular joint surgery, oral and maxillofacial cancer surgery, facial reconstruction including microsurgery, palate surgery, salivary gland surgery, and oral medicine.

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  • Dermatology & Allergy

    The Section of Dermatology & Allergy evaluates pet animals for all types of skin, ear canal, hair and nail (claw) disorders. Small-animal patients are seen by appointment at Penn Vet's Ryan Hospital in Philadelphia.  Large-animal patients are seen by appointment at the Widener Hospital at New Bolton Center in Kennett Square, PA. 

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  • Diagnostic Laboratories

    Penn Vet's Diagnostic Laboratories group includes microbiologists, parasitologists, toxicologists and anatomic and clinical pathologists who work together with your care team to consult, collaborate, and cooperate in the diagnosis and treatment of your animal.

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  • Emergency Service & Critical Care

    The Emergency Service & Intensive Care Unit function as advanced trauma/emergency and intensive care treatment and diagnostic centers, akin to their counterparts in human hospitals. We are staffed by clinicians who are board-certified in the field of emergency and critical care, specialty trained and certified technicians, as well as residents and interns seeking advanced training following graduation from veterinary school.

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  • Extracorporeal Therapies

    Extracorporeal therapies (ECT), including hemodialysis and therapeutic plasma exchange, are lifesaving procedures that utilize advanced technologies to filter the blood to remove harmful substances from the body.

  • Internal Medicine

    The Internal Medicine Service diagnoses and treats serious and chronic health problems in dogs and cats that are referred to specialists in endocrinology, gastroenterology, infectious disease, nutrition and urology—from both within and outside the Hospital.

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  • Interventional Radiology

    Interventional radiology (IR) involves the use of fluoroscopy to gain access to different structures in order to deliver materials for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

    These minimally invasive techniques are currently being investigated in veterinary medicine and have the potential to provide alternatives for our patients in whom conventional therapies are declined, not indicated, or associated with excessive morbidity or mortality.

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  • Medical Genetics & Pediatrics

    Medical Genetics & Pediatrics researches the clinical and laboratory side of hereditary diseases in companion animals to better understand the disease processes—and create new therapeutic approaches.

    Medical Genetics: Our medical geneticists are dedicated to the pursuit of clinical and laboratory diagnoses of inherited diseases in pediatric and adult companion animals.

    Pediatrics: Along with providing preventative health care, we diagnose and treate disorders unique to puppies and kittens.

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  • Neurology & Neurosurgery

    The Section's mission is the diagnosis and management of naturally occurring neurologic disorders in animals.

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  • Ophthalmology
    The Ophthalmology Service deals with the diagnosis and treatment of ocular diseases in animals. We offer a large spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic options, including retinal testing by electroretinography (ERG) and cataract surgery by phacoemulsification.

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  • Pharmacy Services

    Ryan Hospital provides our internal clinical staff, clients, and referring veterinarians specialized veterinary pharmacy services designed to deliver high-quality pharmacotherapy for their animal patients. We offer online prescription refill services, compounding (available to clients of Ryan hospital only), and flavoring of oral liquid medications.  The Ryan Hospital pharmacy department has a dedicated staff of professionals, including 2 licensed pharmacists, to meet both the simple and complex needs of our patients.

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  • Physical Rehabilitation Therapy

    Physical rehabilitation therapy offers treatment options to improve your pet’s mobility, comfort, strength and energy. Many of the modalities we use can be very effective in pain management and work synergistically with pain medications. Pets enjoy the interactive and physical treatments and guidance can be given for home therapy exercises.

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  • Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging

    Diagnostic Imaging & Veterinary Radiology at Penn Vet combines trailblazing research, outstanding education and clinical excellence in a leading academic health sciences institution. At Ryan Veterinary Hospital in Philadelphia, the diagnostic imaging capabilities include digital radiography, fluoroscopy, ultrasonography, 16-slice helical computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

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  • Sports and Performance Medicine

    The Penn Vet Canine Sports and Performance Medicine Service specializes in diagnosing and treating various canine mobility and performance-related conditions. We cater to dogs with diverse needs including working dogs, canine athletes, and companion dogs. Our service is here to provide your dog with lifelong comprehensive care for optimal mobility, quality of life, and athletic performance.

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  • Support for Pet Owners

    Ryan Hospital is proud to offer support to the owners of hospital patients. We can help you
    learn more about dealing with the injury, long-term illness or loss of a beloved pet. We have many resources available for pet owners, and Penn Vet clients can participate in a monthly virtual pet loss support group.

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  • Surgery

    The Surgery Section at Ryan Hospital comprises board-certified specialists experienced in numerous surgical techniques, and some of the most advanced equipment available for veterinary surgery. We believe in a collaborative treatment approach, including other specialists at Penn Vet such as anesthesiologists, radiologists, and a fully board-certified nursing/technician staff.

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  • Veterinary Nursing

    Clinical Services offered at Ryan Veterinary Hospital are augmented by an elite team of veterinary technicians. Each department offers its technicians the opportunity to specialize their skills in an area of veterinary medicine.

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Ryan Hospital Guidelines

Please check our Ryan Hospital Guidelines to learn about the latest changes in policies and procedures at Ryan Hospital related to COVID-19.