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Dentistry & Oral Surgery - For referring veterinarians

For Referring Veterinarians

Continuing Education

The following continuing-education opportunities in dentistry and oral surgery are provided by members of the Dentistry and Oral Surgery Service or offered by other qualified instructors:

  • Observatory rotation
  • Laboratory courses
  • Preparation for the AVDC or EVDC entry examination

Observatory Rotation

This program was established for visiting veterinary technicians and veterinarians who are interested in continuing clinical education in dentistry and oral surgery. Visitors will be observers of clinical and surgical cases but cannot have primary case responsibility. This service is provided on mutually convenient dates and on a space-available basis. The applicant is to provide an agenda of items and define specific goals that are to be met during his/her stay at the Ryan Veterinary Hospital (e.g., visitation time, extent of Diplomate involvement, certain procedures to be observed, credentials requirements to be met, etc.). The costs vary depending on the specific requirements. The Dentistry and Oral Surgery Service weekly schedule is as follows:

Observatory Rotation Program
Monday: morning
Introduction, hospital tour, general orientation, clinic appointments, admissions, diagnostics


Monday: afternoon Case discussions and rounds on dental equipment, instrumentation, oral examination, charting, and dental radiography
Tuesday: all day Procedures under anesthesia, case discussions or rounds
Wednesday: morning Clinic appointments, admissions, and diagnostics
Wednesday: afternoon Radiology practice, with intermittent direct Diplomate instruction and feedback
Thursday: all day Procedures under anesthesia, case discussions or rounds
Friday: all day Laboratory practice, with intermittent direct Diplomate instruction and feedback

Interested veterinary professionals should contact Dr. Alexander Reiter (215-573-6539 or for further information.

Laboratory Courses

The Dentistry and Oral Surgery Service offers various laboratory courses to veterinary professionals. The four- to eight-hour classes consist of one or more didactic presentations and hands-on practice. The classes are limited to four to six participants and are offered several times per year. Please contact Bonnie Miller at 215-898-3351 (or for further information. The following courses are offered:


Oral examination, dental cleaning and basic periodontal therapy
Dental terminology, oral/dental anatomy and tooth numbering systems are discussed. Methods of performing a thorough oral examination are introduced, including extraoral and intraoral structures, teeth and periodontal tissues. Equipment and techniques used to scale and polish teeth are demonstrated. Home oral hygiene methods, including correct tooth brushing and appropriate diets, toys and treats are discussed. Instrument sharpening is demonstrated, and basic techniques of gingival curettage and root planing are practiced.
Dental radiology and radiographic interpretation
Radiation safety/protection and dental radiographic equipment (machine and films) are reviewed. Patient positioning, radiographic exposure techniques (parallel, bisecting angle), film processing (developing and fixing) and digital image enhancement are demonstrated and practiced using standard and digital radiography. Interpretation of various radiographic presentations of oral and dental disease is discussed.
Local anesthesia and tooth extraction
Nerve blocks used to provide local anesthesia during dental surgical procedures are demonstrated and practiced. Indications, contraindications, and mechanics of tooth extraction are discussed. Closed and open techniques used to extract single and multi-rooted teeth in dogs and cats and closure of extraction sites are introduced and practiced, along with demonstration of dental surgical instruments and power equipment. Complications of tooth extraction and their management are discussed.
Basic techniques of minor oral surgery
Commonly performed minor oral surgical procedures are reviewed and practiced, including management of difficult tooth extractions, techniques for incisional and excisional oral biopsy, flaps for oronasal fistula repair, treatment of lower lip avulsion and circumferential wiring for mandibular symphyseal separation. 

Preparation for the AVDC or EVDC entry examination

Veterinarians interested in preparation for the AVDC or EVDC entry examination (such as training of procedures for the practical part) may contact Dr. Alexander Reiter (215-573-6539; for further information.