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The research program is focused on clinical research in dentistry and oral surgery. Our primary goals are to prevent disease and to optimize patient care. This can be accomplished by:
Enhancing knowledge of oral pathology development and,
Expanding diagnosis and treatment options.

Clinical research makes use of existing patient material by maintaining comprehensive medical and dental records, collecting specimens (tissue and fluid samples), and ensuring adequate follow-up. Investigational studies on privately-owned animals are sometimes performed (e.g., on patients with oral cancer when available treatment options have failed or are declined by the owner), require consent by the patient owner, and must be approved by the University of Pennsylvania Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

Current Research Interests
 Periodontal disease

  • Evaluation of associations between oral disease and kidney health in cats. 
 Periodontal surgery
  •  Apically positioned flaps in periodontal pocket prevention and crown lengthening procedures in dogs.
  • Laterally positioned flaps for repair of gingival defects in dogs.
  • Assessment of tooth extraction sites treated with osteoconductive and osteoinductive materials compared with no material.

 Tooth resorption
  •  Evaluation of associations between oral disease and kidney health in cats.
  • Evaluation of epidemiological and laboratory data in dogs with tooth resorption.

 Palate surgery
  •  Management of congenital defects and defects acquired after birth of the hard and soft palate in dogs.

 Oral and maxillofacial trauma
  •  Interdental wiring and intraoral resin splinting in dogs with mandibular and maxillary fractures.
  • Modified Risdon wiring technique and intraoral resin splinting for repair of jaw fractures in dogs.
  • Osseous wiring alone or combined with non-invasive techniques for management of mandibular fractures in dogs.

 Oral and maxillofacial cancer
  •  Treatment of feline oral squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) with 2-difluoromethylornithine (DFMO).
  • Mandibulectomy procedures in the treatment of squamous cell carcinoma in cats.
  • Extent of tongue resection and quality of life maintenance in cats and dogs with lingual neoplasia or trauma.

 Soft tissue and bone reconstruction
  •  Bone grafting techniques for reconstruction of mandibular defects in dogs.
  • Microvascular tissue transfer for reconstruction of mandibular defects in dogs.

 Other areas of research

  •  Evaluation of use of antibiotics in the management of patients with oral diseases.
  • Positioning guidelines for radiographic imaging of the temporomandibular joint in cats and dogs.
  • Outcome of cats with stomatitis treated by partial-mouth versus full-mouth tooth extraction.