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Internal Medicine

What is an internist?

Internists, or internal medicine specialists, are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that affect the vital organs. That includes the respiratory system, digestive system, liver and pancreas, endocrine system, urinary system, and immune system as well as infectious diseases, among others. Your veterinarian would refer your pet to us because they might need specialized expertise.

What We Offer

Review this comprehensive list of symptoms and diseases we typically treat, as well as common procedures we conduct in Internal Medicine.

Our Care Team

Mary Beth Callan, VMD, DACVIM
Professor, Internal Medicine
Medical Director, Penn Animal Blood Bank

Rebecka S. Hess, DVM, MSCE, DACVIM
Professor, Internal Medicine
Chief, Medicine Section

Elizabeth M. Lennon, DVM, DACVIM
Assistant Professor, Medicine

Nicola Mason, BVM, PhD, MRCVS, DACVIM
The Paul A. James and Charles A. Gilmore Endowed Chair Professor,
and Professor of Medicine and Pathobiology

Mark Rondeau, DVM, DACVIM
Professor, Clinical Medicine

Ariel Mosenco, DVM, DACVIM
Professor, Clinical Medicine

Megan E. McClosky, DVM, DACVIM
Assistant Professor,Clinical Internal Medicine and Extracorporeal Therapies

Paolo Silvestrini, DVM, MSc, PhD, ECVIM-CA
Associate Professor in Clinical Internal Medicine and Interventional Radiology

  • Residents and Interns

    Jessica Box, DVM
    Resident, Medicine

    Samuel Chien, DVM
    Resident, Medicine

    Carson Campbell, DVM
    Resident, Medicine

    Victoria Carter, BVetMed
    Resident, Medicine

    Sarah Edwards, DVM
    Resident, Medicine

    Lindsey Garcia, DVM
    Resident, Medicine

    Jessica Mampe, DVM
    Resident, Medicine

    Valerie Nelson, DVM
    Resident, Medicine

    Kathryn Sanders, DVM
    Resident, Medicine

    Federica Serafini, DVM
    Resident, Medicine

    Elizabeth Snyder, VMD
    Resident, Medicine

    Olivia Wallace, DVM
    Resident, Medicine

    All Residents and Interns

  • Internal Medicine Nursing Staff

    Stephanie Mockus, CVT
    Medicine Veterinary Nurse Supervisor

    Brittney Elmen, LVT
    Feline Hyperthyroidism Therapy Veterinary Nurse

    Amy Guldin, CVT
    Medicine Veterinary Nurse Supervisor

    Charlotte M. Higgins, CVT, VTS
    Nutrition Support Veterinary Nurse

    Kym Marryott, CVT
    Internal Medicine, Blood Bank Veterinary Nurse

    Ali McKenna, CVT
    Endoscopy Veterinary Nurse

    Patrina Rudi Ross
    Internal Medicine Coordinator

    Jenna Tripoldi, CVT
    Internal Medicine Veterinary Nurse

  • Wards Nursing Staff 

    Paula Olson, CVT, Wards Nursing Supervisor

    Medicine Service Coordinator

    Courteney Briddles, CVT

    Lorie Brown, CVT

    Jessica Coughlan, CVT

    Jackie Decker, CVT

    Nicole Del Conte

    Gavin Esquillin

    Stephanie Kimble, CVT

    Francesca Schoettle, CVT

    Saffiera Singh, CVT

    Grace Tucker, CVT

    Jen Vassallo, CVT

    Sarah Nye, CVT

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