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Support for You & YourAnimals

Caring for your beloved pet who has become ill, or dealing with the loss of that pet can be devastating for any animal owner. Many of us make deep and lasting connections with our pets and think of them as our best friends and members of our family. When it’s time to deal with a long-term illness or death, we may become overwhelmed and unsure of how to cope with our feelings. 

At Penn Vet, while our primary concern is to care for your animal’s health, we are also animal owners, and we understand the difficulty of dealing with strong feelings around a pet’s declining health or long-term illness. That’s why we have our own social work team to provide compassionate and professional support to pet caregivers. Clients can access a variety of free and confidential services and resources. 

Meet the Social Work Team
Page Buck, PhD, LSW 


  • Page Buck, PhD, LSW
Carrie OShaughnessy, MSW intern 
  • Carrie O’Shaugnessy, MSW intern 
Jenna Tarrant, LSW
  • Jenna Tarrant, LSW