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Ryan Hospital Philadelphia, PA
The Primary Care Service at Ryan Hospital provides progressive and evidence-based preventative, basic surgical, and basic medical care to dogs and cats.

Primary Care

What We Offer

The Primary Care Service at Penn Vet provides progressive and evidence-based preventative medicine and basic surgical care for dogs and cats.

  • We are deeply committed to the preparation of our next generation of veterinarians and veterinary nurses. Veterinary students and veterinary nursing students are involved and engaged in every aspect of care provided to the patients on our service. 
  • We value the emotional wellbeing and welfare of our pets, and therefore use gentle handling techniques with all our patients.  
  • As part of a holistic approach, we strive to communicate with our clients clearly and frequently, and involve them in the medical/clinical decision-making process.  

What to Expect

Education plays a central role with both our clients and studentsWhen arriving at Penn Vet’s Ryan Hospital, clients and their pets are met by veterinary students, who gather the patient’s history and conduct a thorough physical examination. Students then consult with faculty clinicians, who then provide suggestions and guidance. A medical care plan is formulated following a discussion with the client and an additional physical examination performed by the senior clinician. 

Because education plays a central role with both our clients and students, the duration of our appointments are approximately one hour. 

Benefit to Clients

  • Clients benefit from the opportunity to interact and learn from both our faculty clinicians and students. 
  • Our patients receive primary care in an academic veterinary hospital that offers expertise and a wide range of specialty services as they might be needed to address a patient’s needs. 
  • Our patients have access to our Emergency Service that is available 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.

Primary Care Services

nail clippingPrimary Care services include:

  • Preventative care appointments for all life stages
  • Diagnosis and primary management of common diseases
  • Diagnosis and treatment of minor injuries
  • Professional dental cleaning for patients with early periodontal disease
  • Basic surgeries, including spay/neuter procedures, and minor lumps removal
  • Domestic health certificates
  • Placement of microchips
Core Clinical Team
Dr. Irit Grader, Primary Care
Dr. Kaitlyn Krebs and her dog Zeus 
  • Kaitlyn Krebs, DVM, DABVP (Canine and Feline)
  • Assistant Professor, Clinical Primary Care
Gail Morenzetti, CVT
  • Gail Morenzetti, CVT
  • Service Coordinator