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Computed Tomography (CT)

Description of Service and Procedures

The computed tomography service currently provides CT examinations of head, thorax (chest), abdomen, spine, musculoskeletal systems, and CT vascular studies.

A multislice CT unit was installed in 2009 and is housed in the Rosenthal Imaging and Treatment Center (RITC). This CT scanner allows for rapid acquisition of cross-sectional images. This significantly decreases the time to complete a scan and therefore duration of anesthesia and also provides images with superb resolution. In conjunction with the latest computer software multi-slice CT permits evaluation of blood flow within the body and dynamic assessment tumor perfusion.

CT lung lobe torsion


Veterinary patients must be anesthetized for CT, since they must remain absolutely still during Penn Vet, Ryan Hospital, radiology, catscanthe treatment. The duration of anesthesia is generally short, and the patient is monitored using sophisticated equipment including electrocardiogram, blood pressure and respiratory monitoring devices.

Modern anesthesia drugs allow for quick onset of and recovery from anesthesia. Under direct supervision by a board-certified anesthesiologist, anesthesia is administered by highly trained veterinary nurse-anesthetists who select the drugs and administration protocol according to each patient’s individual requirements. Most cases require injection of iodinated contrast agents.