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Diagnostic Imaging Facilities

A fully staffed facility, the Rosenthal Imaging and Treatment Center (RITC), provides comprehensive referral service in a friendly and efficient manner for our clients and their companion animals.
CT room and elbow
  • Radiographic Suites

    General Diagnostic Rooms

    Multi-purpose general diagnostic radiology room

    • DR Panels (Eklin EDR6 14’’x17’’. 5.9 MP array with 160 micron pitch. 12 bits grayscale. DICOM 3.0 compatible. Advanced multi-frequency image post-processing algorithms), movable to allow horizontal cross-table acquisitions.

    Digital Radiography

    • Proteus XR/a 65kW Radiographic System with High Speed Rotor
      • High frequency, multi-pulse generator, automatic exposure control with touch screen controls
      •  Automatic or manual collimator
      •  Four-way float, adjustable height table
      •  Inhibition button to prevent table movement while patient is getting on/off
      •  X-ray tube housing overheat interlock
      •  Deadman’s Switch x-ray control safety system
      •  150 kVp capacity
      • Small/large focal spot .6/1.25
  • Special Procedures Room

    Fluoroscopy and Digital Radiography

    • General Electric Premium Legacy with Enhanced DRS:
      • GE Advantx high frequency, multi-pulse 65 kW generator
      • Advantx Legacy 90/15 (88 degrees to 15 degrees Trendelenberg) radiographic and fluoroscopic table, motorized 8-way tabletop; oscillating table Bucky with 12:1, 36 lines/cm (90 lines/inch) grid
      • Maxiray 100 fluoroscopic x-ray tube (under table), 0.6/1.0 mm double focal spot; Maxiray 100 overhead x-ray tube, 0.6/1.25 mm double focal spot
    • Advantx 9 inch image intensifier, 9/6/4.5 inch triple field image tube, motorized 10:1, 60 line/cm (152 lines/inch) grid, Primicon B camera, spot film device (2 images/second)
    • Advantx Digital Radiology System (DRS) Productivity Enhancement Package with real-time and post-processing edge enhancement, contrast/brightness adjustments, last hold image, digital acquisition up to 6 frames/sec, 1200 image storage
    • GE Healthcare Precision 600 R&F system with digital flat panel detector for fluoroscopy
    • Aero DR 17x17 wireless rechargeable flat panel detector for DR
  • Computed Tomography Suite
    • General Electric BrightSpeed 16-slice CT:
      • Table/Gantry - advanced slip-ring technology
      • 3.5 MHU tube, 42kW generator
      • 4 Helical Modes of Data Output
        • 16x0.625mm or 1.25mm
        • 8x1.25mm or 2.5mm
        • Prospective Multiple Thickness Reconstruction
        • 0.8-1.0  second scan time
        • Horizontal range 162 cm, table load capacity 205 kg
        • DICOM 3.0 Storage Service Class
        • GE-Nemoto power injector
      General Electric AW VolumeShare2 workstation with 2 flat panel color monitors:
      • Basic viewing/reformatting functions
      • 3D protocols including 3D MIP, Multi-planar reformat, Volume rendering CTA, General Volume Rendering, AutoBone Xpress
      • Additional software package for vascular / perfusion analysis
        • VesselIQ XPress
        • CT Perfusion 4 Multi-Organ Package
  • Ultrasound Suite
    • One – Philips Epiq5 Ultrasound System, including transducers C8-5, C9-2, L12-5, L18-5. Capabilities include harmonic and compound imaging; spectral, color  flow and power Doppler; 3D imaging; contrast-enhanced ultrasound package
    • One – GE Logiq S8 Vet Signature Series Ultrasound, including transducers 10C, C1-2, L9, L8-18i, ML 6-15. Capabilities include harmonic and compound imaging; spectral, color  flow and power Doppler; B flow; 3D imaging
    • One – General Electric Logiq e Vet BT 11 in the Emergency Service
    • One – Philips ie33 in Cardiology
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    • A 1.5 Tesla GE MRI unit is available at the RITC (Scantool 9.1 software and dedicated workstation).

  • Viewing Stations
    • In Radiology: Reading room
      • Four viewing stations on separate wide desks, each of them has one navigating monitor and two Medical Grade High-Resolution 3 MegaPixels 21.3’’ monitors (Nio 3MP-2H BarcoMed).
      • Two additional viewing stations next to radiology suites for immediate viewing and evaluation. Stations are connected to a PACS system (Philips Stentor PACS system). Ordering, reporting and billing are made through a Radiology Information System (Empiric Systems).

    Wide screen monitor viewing stations are installed throughout the hospital including ORs, wards, ICU, ES and consult rooms.