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The Surgery section at Ryan Hospital comprises a team of senior board-certified specialists experienced in numerous surgical techniques, as well as some of the most advanced equipment available for veterinary surgery.

We believe in a collaborative treatment approach, and work closely with Anesthesia, Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging, and our fully board-certified nursing/technician staff. Our partner services also include Emergency and Critical Care, Comprehensive Cancer Care, Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Interventional Radiology, Neurology and Neurosurgery, Dentistry and Oral Surgery.

Our surgeons collaborate with faculty from Penn Medicine and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, bringing an integrative approach to our surgical treatment options.

Meet Our Clinical Team

surgery-box2We at Penn Vet believe in treating our patients using a comprehensive and collaborative team approach. Penn Vet's board-certified Surgery faculty and clinical staff are among the nation's most experienced and respected. 

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What to Expect at Your Appointment

We understand that a pet’s diagnosis that includes a surgical procedure can be stressful.  We are here to help explain your pet’s particular case and what would be involved in an optimal treatment approach. That way, you can make the best decisions for your pet and your family.

For Our Referring Veterinarians

Referring veterinarians play a critical role and serve as our partners in the care of our surgical patients, and we strive to keep all referring veterinarians as updated as possible throughout the diagnostic and treatment process.

Our Clinical Partners

  • Anesthesia

    Throughout the years, veterinary anesthesiology has followed human medicine with regard to providing the safest possible anesthetics, assisted ventilation and oxygen delivery, and constant monitoring and support of vital status.  Our surgeons partner closely with the anesthesia section at Ryan Hospital. Our team consists of board-certified anesthesiologists, residents, and certified veterinary technicians.

  • Cardiology

    Cardiology at Penn Vet's Ryan Veterinary Hospital was established in 1958 and is considered the birthplace of specialty veterinary medicine. Today, the service continues this tradition by offering state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment services aimed at improving the health and well-being of animal companions.

  • Comprehensive Cancer Care

    In treating dogs and cats with cancer, Comprehensive Cancer Care at Penn Vet combines the collaborative expertise of our world-renowned specialists in internal medicine, medical oncology, surgery, radiation oncology, pain management, interventional radiology, as well as support services for animal owners.  We offer a patient-centric, team-based approach to cancer therapy for your pet so that all aspects of your animal's clinical history and well-being are being considered to determine the most accurate diagnosis and best treatment course.

  • Diagnostic Laboratories

    Penn Vet's Diagnostic Laboratories group includes microbiologists, parasitologists, toxicologists and eight board-certified anatomic and clinical pathologists, in addition to residents in training, technicians, and administrative staff whose collaborative efforts ensure that samples are given the utmost attention.

  • Emergency & Critical Care

    The Emergency Service and Intensive Care Unit function as advanced trauma/emergency and intensive care treatment and diagnostic centers, akin to their counterparts in human hospitals. We are staffed by clinicians who are board-certified in the field of emergency and critical care, specialty trained and certified technicians, as well as residents and interns seeking advanced training following graduation from veterinary school.

  • Internal Medicine

    The Internal Medicine Service diagnoses and treats serious and chronic health problems in dogs and cats that are referred to specialists in endocrinology, gastroenterology, infectious disease, nutrition and urology—from both within and outside the Hospital.

Referring veterinarian?

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