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Veterinary Nursing at Ryan Hospital

At Ryan Hospital, we are renowned for our clinical excellence, commitment to teaching, and dedication to innovative research. We manage the most intricate cases involving small animals in the region, and our outstanding reputation hinges on our devoted team of certified veterinary technicians (nurses). Each member of our nursing staff has successfully completed a veterinary nursing program at an AVMA accredited college, passed a rigorous national exam, and has acquired state certification to practice. As one of the nation's premier teaching hospitals, we highly value the dedication and commitment these nurses have shown to both their personal growth and the advancement of their profession.

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Within each department, our veterinary nurses have a unique opportunity to further specialize their expertise by pursuing specialty certification (VTS) in their respective fields of veterinary medicine. This elevated expertise level brings added responsibilities such as delivering lectures, educating others, conducting independent nurse practitioner appointments, and crafting nutritional or anesthesia plans. We take great pride in the many technician specialist nurses who have dedicated themselves to their passions in emergency and critical care, anesthesia and analgesia, dentistry, internal medicine, and nutrition. Some of these nurses were trailblazers who spearheaded the development of nurse specialty certification as it stands today.

As a leader in veterinary education, Penn Vet has long recognized the integral role of the certified veterinary technician in the delivery of quality veterinary care. Our mission is to prepare the future leaders in the field of veterinary medicine, which includes our commitment to veterinary nursing students. Since 1975, we have partnered with Harcum College to facilitate veterinary technician education, contributing to the growth of a substantial number of accomplished veterinary nurses who have proudly made significant contributions to our profession.

Being a Penn Vet Nurse

To be a Penn Vet nurse is to embody the essence of compassion, dedication, and unwavering commitment. Every day presents an opportunity to make a profound difference in the lives of our patients, and by extension, the people who love them. It's about embracing the highest standards of veterinary care, continuously expanding one's knowledge, and showing boundless empathy. It's a calling that demands resilience, patience, and an unshakeable belief in the power of healing.

Veterinary Nursing Teams

Explore the Clinical Services supported by nurses and certified veterinary technicians giving them the opportunity to specialize their skills in an area of veterinary medicine. 

  • Anesthesia Veterinary Nursing Staff
    Melissa Allen, CVT, Penn Vet
    Melissa Allen, CVT
    Casey Bacon, CVT, Penn Vet
    Casey Bacon, CVT
    David Brown, CVT, Penn Vet
    David Brown, CVT
    Rob Cantagallo, CVT, Penn Vet
    Robert Cantagallo, CVT
    Carly Carpenter, CVT, Penn Vet
    Carly Carpenter, CVT, VTS (Anesthesia & Analgesia), Anesthesia Nursing Supervisor
    Amy Dowling, CVT, Penn Vet
    Amy Dowling, CVT, VTS; Anesthesia Assistant Nursing Supervisor
     no-photo Anne Eppley, CVT
     no-photo Caroline Fitch
     Julie Hirsch  Julie Hirsch, CVT,VTS ECC
    Brooke Karpovich, CVT, Penn Vet
    Brooke Karpovich, CVT
     Jena King Jena King, CVT
    Marintha Kimport, CVT, Penn Vet
    Marintha Kimport, CVT
    Shannon McMahon, CVT, Penn Vet
    Shannon McMahon, CVT
    No photo
    Michelle Pantelis, LVT
    Sarah Tantoco, CVT, Penn Vet
    Sarah Tantoco, CVT
    No photo
    Lauren Anderson, Assistant 
    No photo
    Shyanne Hall, Veterinary Nurse Assistant-RITC

  • Cardiology Nursing Staff
    • Lila K. Sierra, CVT, VTS (ECC)
    • Cardiology Nurse & Service Coordinator
    • Molly Dunn, CVT
    • Cardiology Nurse
  • Oncology Nurses
    • Courtney Briddes, CVT
    • Veterinary Nurse
    Stephanie Corsi
    • Stephanie Corsi, CVT
    • Radiation Oncology Service Coordinator, Veterinary Nurse
    Jennifer Hayden CVT, Penn Vet CCC
    • Jennifer Hayden, CVT
    • Veterinary Oncology Nurse
    Patricia Knapp, CVT, Penn Vet CCC
    • Patricia Knapp, CVT
    • Veterinary Surgical Oncology Nurse
     Karen Masciangelo, RTT, Penn Vet 
    • Karen Masciangelo, RTT
    • Radiation oncology technician
    Rachael Mayer, CVT, Penn Vet
    • Rachael Meyer, CVT
    • Veterinary Oncology Nurse
     Jack Ryder 
    • Jack Ryder, CVT
    • Radiation Oncology Nurse Anesthetist
    Jackie Shanley
    • Jackie Shanley, CVT
    • Veterinary Oncology Nurse Coordinator
    Michelle Strolle, CVT, Oncology Nurse
    • Michelle Strolle, CVT
    • Veterinary Oncology Nursing Supervisor
  • Dentistry Nursing Staff
    Jeanette Eliason, CVT, RDH, VTS (Dentistry), Penn Vet 
    • Jeanette Eliason, CVT, RDH, VTS (Veterinary Nurse Supervisor, Dentistry)
    • About Jeanette Eliason
    Kimberly Garman, CVT - Dentistry & Oral Surgery
    • Kimberly Garman, CVT
    • About Kimberly Garman
    Brianna O’Brien, CVT, Penn Vet
    • Brianna O'Brien, CVT
    • About Brianna O'Brien
    Janet Schultz, CVT, RDH, Dentistry Nurse
    • Janet Schultz, CVT, RDH
    • About Janet Schultz
  • Emergency Service Veterinary Nursing Staff
    Tara Rodriguez, CVT, Penn Vet
    • Tara Rodriguez, CVT
    • ES Veterinary Nursing Supervisor
    Jeni Dohner, CVT, VTS (ECC) Penn Vet
    • Jeni Dohner, CVT, VTS (ECC)
    • Assistant Veterinary Nursing Supervisor
    • Mike Armine
    Crystal Branch-Wyman, CVT, Penn Vet
    • Crystal Branch-Wyman, LVT
    Emily Breed, LVT, Penn Vet
    • Emily Breed, LVT
    Kelina Diaz, Penn Vet
    • Kelina Diaz, CVT
    Savannah Friday, CVT, Penn Vet
    • Savannah Friday, CVT
    Hollie Funderberg, CVT, Penn Vet
    • Hollie Funderburg, CVT
    • Erin Gordon, CVT 
    Marsha Hain, CVT, Penn Vet
    • Marsha Hain, CVT
    Gina Scholz, CVT, Penn Vet
    • Gina Scholz, CVT
    • Evan Vattimo - Emergency
    • Nicole C. Wood, CVT 

  • Extracorporeal Nursing Staff
    Leanne Deskewicz, CVT, Penn Vet
    • Leanne Deskewicz, CVT, Extracorporeal Therapy Nurse
  • Intensive Care Unit Veterinary Nursing Staff
    Amanda Arrowood, CVT, Penn Vet
    •  Amanda Arrowwood, CVT, VTS (ECC)
     Victoria Bonacci, CVT, Penn Vet
    • Victoria Bonacci, CVT
    • Kristi Donze CVT, VTS (ECC)
    • ICU Nursing Supervisor
    Holly, Killian, CVT  
    • Holly Killian, CVT
    • Courtney Hill, CVT
    Allison-Leigh, CVT, Penn Vet
    • Allison Leigh, CVT
    • Lori Mansell, CVT
     Mary Piccillo, CVT, Penn Vet
    • Mary Piccillo, CVT
    • Clair Sauer, CVT

    • ICU Nurse

    Matt Strazza, CVT, Penn Vet Emergency
    • Matthew Strazza, CVT
    Bekah Verdieck, CVT 
    • Bekah Strazza, CVT 
    • Nicole A. Wood, CVT
    Cara Yanussi, CVT, Penn Vet
    • Cara Yanussi, CVT
  • Internal Medicine Veterinary Nursing Staff
    Stephanie Campanaro, CVT, Penn Vet
    • Stephanie Mockus, CVT
    • Medicine Veterinary Nurse Supervisor
    • Sophie Dobson, CVT
    • Medicine Veterinary Nurse
     Brittney Elmen
    • Brittney Elmen, LVT
    • Feline Hyperthyroidism Therapy Veterinary Nurse
    Amy Guldin, Ryan Hospital Medicine Nurse
    • Amy Guldin, CVT
    • Medicine Veterinary Nurse Supervisor
     Charlotte Higgins, CVT, Penn Vet
    • Charlotte M. Higgins, CVT, VTS
    • Nutrition Support Veterinary Nurse
     Kym Marryott, CVT, Penn Vet
    •  Kym Marryott, CVT
    • Internal Medicine, Blood Bank Veterinary Nurse
     Ali McKenna, CVT, Penn Vet
    • Ali McKenna, CVT
    • Endoscopy Veterinary Nurse
     Patrina Ross
    • Patrina Rudi Ross
    • Internal Medicine Coordinator
     Francesca Schoettle, CVT-PennVet Wards  
    • Francesca Schoettle, CVT
    • Medicine Veterinary Nurse
    Jenna Tripoldi, CVT, Penn Vet
    • Jenna Tripoldi, CVT
    • Internal Medicine Veterinary Nurse

  • Radiology Veterinary Nursing Staff
    Amber Amadio, CVT
    Radiology Veterinary Nurse
    Elizabeth Baldwin, CVTRadiology Veterinary Nurse
    Ella Chasan, CVT
    Radiology Veterinary Nurse
    Samantha Cox, CVTRadiology Veterinary Nurse
    Amy Dilling CVT, RT, (R), (CT)
    Radiology Veterinary Nurse
    Jennifer Marone, CVT
    Radiology Veterinary Nurse
  • Surgery Veterinary Nursing Staff
    • Michelle Capps, BA, CVT VTS (Surgery) - Surgery Supervisor
    • Rachel Balabuszko, CVT - Soft Tissue Surgery Coordinator 
    • Marta Bates, CVT - Assistant Surgery Supervisor
    • Scott Baxt, CVT - Nurse Assistant for Surgery and Radiology 
    • Jess Bosco, CVT - Soft-tissue Surgery Coordinator
    • Katie Brewer - Surgery Veterinary Nurse
    • Peg DeLisle, CVT
    • Lisa Forde, CVT
    • Rebekah Fries, RVT - Orthopedic Surgery Coordinator 
    • Patricia Knapp, CVT - Surgical Oncology Coordinator 
    • Steve Sloan, CVT - Orthopedics
    • Nicole Smith - Surgery Veterinary Nurse
    • Karen Steffa-McQuillan - Surgery Veterinary Nurse
    • Briana Waters - Central Sterilizing Manager