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Professor of Nutrition, Department of Clinical Studies - Philadelphia , School of Veterinary Medicine

Associate Dean of Education, School of Veterinary Medicine

Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Nutrition

Clinical Specialties: Animal Nutrition, Medicine,
Research Areas: Animal diets, Diet, Nutrition, Obesity,

Contact Information:
MJ Ryan Veterinary Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
3900 Delancey Street

companion animal nutrition
nutritional assessment
body condition assessment
obesity and weight reduction
unconventional companion animal diets

measurement of energy expenditure
nutritional assessment
nutritional requirements of critically ill companion animals
nutrient modulation of GI and endocrine diseases
obesity and weight reduction

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B.A. (Biochemistry) Mount Holyoke College, 1976

D.V.M. (Veterinary Medicine) Tufts University, 1983

M.S. (Comparative Medical Sciences) University of Pennsylvania, 1992