Associate Professor of Medical Genetics – tenure track, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Pennsylvania.

European College of Animal Reproduction

Clinical Specialties: Genetics, Reproduction, Pediatrics,
Research Areas: Canine genetic skin disorders, specifically X-linked ectodermal dysplasia, lupoid dermatosis, and ichthyosis Canine and feline mucopolysaccharidoses Gene therapy for genetic disorders Recombinant protein therapy for genetic disorders

Contact Information:
Section of Medical Genetics, Room 4033 VHUP
School of Veterinary Medicine
University of Pennsylvania
3900 Delancey Street
 Phone 215-898-0029
 Fax 215-573-2162
 Email casalml@vet.upenn.edu

Canine and feline pediatrics
Canine and feline reproduction
Canine and feline genetics

Dr. Casal is specialized in veterinary genetics, pediatrics and reproduction. Her research interests are focused on the characterization, genetic basis, and treatment of canine genetic skin disorders that also occur in humans. Dr. Casal, in collaboration with Dr. Elizabeth Mauldin, a veterinary dermatopathologist, from the Department of Pathobiology, is investigating the pathogenesis of several hereditary canine skin diseases to increase understanding of the disorders, with the goal of ultimately developing a screening test to identify carrier animals. These include cutaneous exfoliative lupus erythematosus of the German short-haired pointer, Ehlers Danlos syndrome and nonepidermolytic ichthyosis (fish-scale disease) affecting the American bulldog. Furthermore, more extensive collaborative investigations are underway into the morphologic manifestations of canine X-linked hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia and response to neonatal therapy using a recombinant protein, as this disorder in dogs is identical to that seen in humans.

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DVM (Medicus Veterinariae degree ) University of Zürich, Switzerland, 1984

MS (Dr. phil. II degree ) University of Bern, Switzerland, 1988

PhD (Pathology ) University of Pennsylvania, 1999