Farrier Service

New Bolton Center, Farrier serviceAt New Bolton Center’s Farrier Service, one of the nation’s oldest, most well respected programs, our farriers have evolved ground-breaking techniques using glue-on shoes and synthetic polymers for hoof reconstruction.

Today, Chief of Farrier Services Pat Reilly continues to explore new materials and techniques for the advancement of hoof care, with studies underway to include the development of a protocol for in-shoe force measurement as a means of quantifying the effect of different shoes on the hoof. 

In addition, computer analysis of the hoof can assist in the accumulation of data which leads to a better understanding of deformation of the equine hoof as seen in under-run heels and hoof capsule distortion.

Since the hoof is such a critical element of a horse’s viability, New Bolton Center Farrier Service partners with Equine Sports Medicine as well as Surgery and Orthopedics to diagnose and treat the equine, as well as to research and develop new techniques in hoof care.

Example of New Bolton Center Farrier Service’s glue-on shoe

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