Veterinary Nursing
at New Bolton Center

Clinical Services offered at New Bolton Center are augmented by an elite team of veterinary technicians. The nursing staff at New Bolton Center comprises:

  • New Bolton Center nursingAnesthesia technicians
  • General nursing technicians
  • Operating Room technicians
  • Sports Medicine technicians

The majority of New Bolton Center's nursing staff is cross-trained to provide care in all areas of the hospital, including Emergency & Critical Care, Intensive Care, Neonatal Intensive Care, Internal Medicine, Surgery, among others.

Our nurses/veterinary technicians are certified veterinary technicians (CVT), and many pursue additional certification as Veterinary Technician Specialists through the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America.

In addition to being certified, our nurse/technicians teach, publish, and speak at national conferences. New Bolton Center nurse/technicians rigorously engage in continuing education, and lead the movement forward for future veterinary technicians.

Patient Care Technicians

New Bolton Center's nursing staff also comprises Patient Care Technicians, highly-experienced large animal handlers who support nurses with handling, feeding, grooming, and assisting in medical procedures. Our PCTs greet clients in both emergent and non-emergent visits, transitioning their animal to the clinical setting.


Equi-Assist – Home Care Nursing Services

  • In addition, to on-site nursing, New Bolton Center offers home care nursing services.

    • New Bolton Center, Equi-AssistEqui-Assist is a proven, innovative equine home nursing care program developed through the Laminitis Institute at the School of Veterinary Medicine’s New Bolton Center.
    • Equi-Assist provides a high quality, clinical and post-hospitalization nursing service to all equine patients at their home or lay-up facility, within a reasonable driving radius of the New Bolton Center campus. Launched in December 2010, the program is the first of its kind anywhere.

    For more information regarding Equi-Assist, please contact Jenn A. Wrigley, CVT, Nursing Supervisor, at 610-925-6739. You may also visit Equi-Assist's website.