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Ryan Hospital Residents and Interns

At Ryan Hospital, interns and residents are integral members of the clinical care team, comprising senior faculty supervisory clinicians, staff veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and students. 

What Our Residents and Interns Do

  • Supervise the care and treatment of patients under the direction of the attending faculty/senior clinician.
  • Attend clinical rounds, seminars, continuing education, and meetings related to their clinical service.
  • Take part in the clinical teaching of junior and senior veterinary students.
  • Supervise patient care provided by students; active instruction of students is expected.

  • What is an intern?

    An intern is a veterinarian who is seeking additional training in a more specialized hospital environment such as an academic hospital. Obtaining an internship at Penn Vet is highly competitive.  Our interns represent some of the top young veterinarians in the world.  An internship is a one year position.  Most interns rotate through multiple services in our hospital, obtaining a broad exposure to veterinary medicine and surgery.  However, there are some specialty interns who focus on a single specialty. 

  • What is a resident?

    A resident is a veterinarian who has already completed an internship, and has decided to continue his or her training in a particular specialty. Only the finest interns are successful in obtaining a residency, which is typically a three-year program.  Towards the end of their three-year tenure in an academic veterinary hospital, residents typically take specialty board examinations so that they can become board-certified in a specialty service. Residents who have completed this type of intensive, post-graduate training aim for academic careers in clinical care and research, or serve as specialty care veterinarians in private practice.

Meet Ryan Hospital's Residents & Interns

Ryan Hospital Rotating Interns
Dr. Zachary Badanes, Penn Vet
  • Zachary Badanes, DVM
  • Intern

Grady Bailin, DVM
  •  Grady Bailin, DVM
  •  Intern
Dr. Sarah Benjamin, Penn Vet
  • Sarah Benjamin, VMD
  • Intern
Dr. Kyle Black, Penn Vet
  •  Kyle Black, DVM
  •  Intern
Dr. Mark Fealey, Penn Vet
  •  Mark Fealey, DVM
  •  Specialty Intern
Dr. Laura Johnson, Penn Vet
  • Laura Johnson, DVM
  • Intern
Dr. Kelly Loughran, Penn Vet
  • Kerry Loughran, DVM
  • Intern
  • Mei Lun Mui, DVM
  • Intern
Dr. Julie Pfeifer, Penn Vet
  • Julie Pfeifer, DVM
  • Intern
Dr. Joseph Raleigh, Penn Vet
  • Joseph Raleigh, DVM
  • Intern
Dr. Alec Sherman, Penn Vet
  • Alec Sherman, DVM
  • Intern
Dr. Jacob Wolf, Penn Vet
  • Jacob Wolf, DVM
  • Intern
Anesthesia Residents & Interns
Dr. Lauren Duffee, Penn Vet
  • Resident

Kelly Varner, DVM
  •  Kelley Varner, DVM
  •  Resident
Dr. Raphael Vezina, Penn Vet
  • Resident
Dr. Dario Floriano, Penn Vet
  •  Dario Floriano, DVM
  •  Specialty Intern
Behavior Residents & Interns
Dr. Lena Renee Provoost, Penn Vet
Dr. Hagar Hauser, Penn Vet
  • Hagar Hauser, DVM
  • Resident, Behavior Medicine
Dr. Lindsay Gallagher, Penn Vet
  • Lindsay Gallagher, VMD
  • Intern, Behavior Medicine
Cardiology Residents & Interns
 Alexandra Crooks, VMD
  • Alexandra Crooks, VMD
  • Cardiology Resident
Megan Poad, Penn Vet
Dr. Eva Larouche-Lebel, Penn Vet
  •  Eva Larouche-Lebel
  •  Cardiology Intern

Dentistry & Oral Surgery Residents & Interns
Dr. Jin Jung, Penn Vet
  • Jin Jung, DVM
  • Resident
Kelly Saverino, Penn Vet 
 Dr. Ignacio Velazquez Urgel, Penn Vet
Dermatology & Allergy Residents & Interns
  • Resident, Dermatology
Diagnostic Laboratories - Residents & Fellows
Lawrence Apgar, DVM 
  • Lawrence Clayton Apgar, DVM
  • Resident
Dr. Charles Assenmacher, Diagnostic Labs
  • Resident
Dr. Stephen Cole, Penn Vet
  • Stephen Cole, VMD
  • Fellow
Dr. Jolie Demchur, Diagnostic Labs
  • Resident
Matthew Lanza, VMD 
  • Mathew Lanza, VMD
  • Resident
Dr. Ayla Musciano, Diagnostic Labs
  • Resident
Dr. Sarah Sykes, Diagnostic Labs
  • Resident
Dr. Jimmy Tarrant, Diagnostic Labs
Emergency & Critical Care Residents
Ludivine Boiron, DVM, Penn Vet
  • Resident
Dr. Kim Chong, Penn Vet
  • Resident
Nicole Cilli, Penn Vet
  • Resident
Dr. Sage DeRosa, Penn Vet
  • Sage De Rosa, DVM
  • Resident
 Bridget Lyons, Penn Vet
  • Resident
 Dr. Katie Mauro, Penn Vet
  • Resident
Dr. Kaila Rizzo, Penn Vet
  • Kaila Rizzo, DVM
  • Resident
 Jonathan Schaefer, Penn Vet
  •  Resident
Internal Medicine Residents & Interns
Jodie Anderson, DVM, Penn Vet
  • Resident, Medicine
 Stephen Cai, Penn Vet
Macy Drinkhouse, VMD, Penn Vet
  •  Resident, Medicine
Dr. Brittany Fowler, Penn Vet
  • Brittany Fowler, DVM
  • Resident, Medicine
Dr. Bridget Harvey, Penn Vet
  • Bridget Harvey, DVM
  • Resident, Medicine
 Matthew Lechner, Penn Vet
  •  Resident, Medicine
Megan McClosky, DVM, Penn Vet
  •  Resident, Medicine
 Olivia Nathanson, Penn Vet
  •  Resident, Medicine
 Shannon Palermo, VMD, Penn Vet
  •  Resident, Medicine
 Cara Steele, Penn Vet
  • Resident, Medicine
Dr. Rebecca Stevens, Penn Vet
  • Rebecca Stevens, VMD
  • Resident, Medicine
 Ali Thomas-Hollands, DVM
  • Alison Thomas-Hollands, DVM
  • Resident, Medicine

Medical Genetics Residents & Research Fellows
Carol Margolis, DVM, Penn Vet 
 Dr. Samantha Souther, Penn Vet
 Dr. Victor Stora, Penn Vet
  • Resident, Pediatrics, Genetics and Reproduction
Neurology & Neurosurgery Residents & Interns
Dr. Linda Hyatt, Penn Vet
  • Linda Hyatt, DVM
  • Resident
  • Neurology/Neurosurgery  
Scott Petesch, Penn Vet
  • Resident
  • Neurology/Neurosurgery
Dr. Alexander Tun, Penn Vet
  • Resident
  • Neurology/Neurosurgery
Oncology Residents & Interns
Dr. Chelsea Del Alcazar, Penn Vet
  • Chelsea del Alcazar, VMD
  • Resident, Medical Oncology
Martha MaloneyHuss, DVM, Penn Vet
  •  Resident, Medical Oncology
  •  Resident, Medical Oncology
Dr. Kathleen Tidd, Penn Vet Oncology
  • Resident, Medical Oncology
Dr. Allison Gedney, Penn Vet
  • Allison Gedney, DVM
  • Specialty Intern, Radiation Oncology
Ophthalmology Residents & Interns
Simone Iwabe, DVM, Penn Vet
  • Resident
Dr. Sara Smith
  • Resident
Radiology/Imaging Residents
Dr. Emily Burke, Penn Vet
  • Emily Burke, DVM
  • Resident
 Dr. Emily Elser, Penn Vet
Dr. Timothy Manzi, Penn Vet
  • Timothy Manzi, VMD
  • Resident
 Dr. Trevor Morimoto, Penn Vet Radiology
 Dr. Adam Schlax, Penn Vet Radiology
Surgery Residents
Dr. Kristin Bailey, Penn Vet
  • Kristin Bailey, DVM
  • Resident, Surgery
Dr. Brian Brophy, Penn Vet
  • Resident, Surgery
Dr. Mary Dell Deweese, Penn Vet Surgery
  • Resident, Surgery
Dr. Christine Hsueh, Penn Vet Surgery
  • Resident, Surgery
Dr. Hilary Ludwig, Penn Vet
  • Hilary Ludwig, DVM
  • Resident, Surgery
Dr. Katherine Morris, Penn Vet Surgery
  • Resident, Surgery
Dr. Valerie Nesser
  • Resident, Surgery