The Surgery section at Ryan Hospital comprises board-certified specialists experienced in numerous surgical techniques, and some of the most advanced equipment available for veterinary surgery. We believe in a collaborative treatment approach, including other specialists at Penn Vet such as anesthesiologists, radiologists, and a fully board-certified nursing/technician staff. In addition, our surgeons collaborate with faculty from Penn Medicine and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, bringing an integrative approach to our surgical treatment options.

Our Clinical Team

We at Penn Vet believe in treating our patients using a comprehensive and collaborative team approach. Penn Vet's board-certified Surgery faculty and clinical staff are among the nation's most experienced and respected. 

Meet the surgery clinical team...

Surgery Specialties

Surgery Case Study

Thoracotomy, persistent right aortic arch

One of Ryan's tiniest patients, Sprout, a French Bulldog, presented with a persistent right aortic arch. Because of his size, the surgical team performed a thoracotomy, a radical surgery for a dog Sprout's size.