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Large Animal Radiology

Radiology at New Bolton Center encompasses a number of services including diagnostic digital imaging in the radiology suite as well as support for the imaging capabilities of the Field Service and stall-side imaging throughout the hospital and during surgery in the operating rooms.

Radiology Xray Review at New Bolton Center Hospital

Digital radiography capabilities have been in place since 2003, the earliest veterinary school hospital to provide them, and these images are transmitted to a viewing system (PACS) which permits evaluation of the images throughout the Clinic. Multiple mobile x-ray machines with digital radiography units enable us to obtain digital images in all of the areas of the Hospital.

An 800 mA x-ray generator in the radiology suite provides excellent imaging in standing adult large animals, including head, neck, chest, shoulders, elbows and stifles. Standing radiographs of the abdomen as in the small ruminants and camelids assist in diagnosis of gastrointestinal and urinary bladder abnormalities.

Under general anesthesia, on a table modified to accommodate digital radiography, myelograms of the cervical spine (neck) and radiographs of the pelvis and lower spine are easily accomplished. Support of both the clinical case load, as well as research projects so important to the progress of veterinary medicine, keeps Radiology a busy hub of the hospital.

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Meet the Imaging Team

At New Bolton Center we provide our patients with a comprehensive and collaborative clinical approach, which starts with state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging. Our board-certified faculty and clinical staff are among the world's most experienced and respected in their fields.

Our Collaborative Approach

At New Bolton Center, we believe in collaboration across all services. If we find an issue with your animal while we are studying imaging results, we'll talk to you about how to best solve the problem.