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New Bolton Center is a leader in large animal ultrasonography, having established a tradition of clinical excellence in the mid 1980s. Since its inception, the diagnostic ultrasound service at New Bolton Center has expanded to include not only the evaluation of tendons and ligaments, but also complex joints, wounds, masses, eyes and the entire thorax and abdomen.

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Ultrasound as a Diagnostic Tool

Ultrasound has become an integral part of evaluating the lame horse, the horse with colic, the high-risk pregnant mare and the sick neonatal foal. It is used to guide biopsies and injections, improving the accuracy and safety of these procedures over ‘blind’ techniques.

The ultrasound service at New Bolton Center has specialized ultrasound equipment and dedicated facilities that are not available in the ambulatory setting. Together with the extensive expertise of the ultrasound clinicians, these factors allow for the highest quality ultrasound images, accurate diagnoses and treatment recommendations.

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At New Bolton Center we provide our patients with a comprehensive and collaborative clinical approach, which starts with state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging. Our board-certified faculty and clinical staff are among the world's most experienced and respected in their fields.