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Hofmann Reproduction Center at New Bolton Center

Hofmann Center for Animal Reproduction

The Georgia and Philip Hofmann Center for Animal Reproduction located one mile southwest of the main New Bolton Center campus on approximately 25 acres of land. The Center can house up to 19 horses in separate wings; as well as stalls for cattle and small ruminants.

The Center has a large, spacious breeding shed with rubber flooring, stimulus mares for semen collection, a hydraulic breeding mount that can be adjusted to accommodate your stallion’s height, full laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment, examination stocks for mares, handling system and chute for our bovine patients, and on-site embryo transfer recipient mare herd. 

We provide daily turnout and individualized care by our animal care team. The Center is staffed by four board certified reproduction specialists and a board certified behaviorist.


Phone: 610-925-6364

Hofmann Center for Animal Reproduction
New Bolton Center
443 Bartram Road
Kennett Square, PA 19348

Mare Services

The Hofmann Center offers a range of mare services, including fertility work-ups, breeding management, assisted reproduction services such as embryo transfer and oocyte collection via TVA, as well additional services including ICSI through our Penn Equine Assisted Reproduction Laboratory (PEARL).

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Stallion Services

The Center's breeding shed has with rubber flooring, hydraulically adjustable breeding mount, stallion handlers, and fully equipped laboratory for semen analysis and processing. Semen can be collected from your stallion while he is mounted on a breeding mount or mare.

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Food & Fiber Animal Services

The Center offers a variety of fertility services for food and fiber animals, including bulls, rams, and female camelids.

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Equine Behavior Program

We specialize in comprehensive evaluations for stallions and mares with behavioral problems. Our board certified veterinary specialists, and board certified equine behaviorist, will work together to find a solution to address your horse's behavior.

Our Equine Behavior Program has research as its core activity.

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Our Care Team

The Center is staffed by four board certified reproduction specialists and a board certified behaviorist.

Leonardo Brito, DVM, PhD, DACT
Director, Hofmann Center
Assistant Professor of Large Animal Reproduction 

Tamara Dobbie, DVM, DACT
Associate Professor of Clinical Reproduction

Katrin Hinrichs, DVM, PhD, DACT
Professor of Reproduction and Harry Werner Endowed Professor of Equine Medicine
Chair, Department of Clinical Studies-New Bolton Center 

Sue McDonnell, MS, PhD, CAAB, HMACT
Adjunct Professor of Reproduction Behavior
Clinical Associate, Widener Hospital

Patricia Sertich, VMD, DACT
Associate Professor of Reproduction 

Regina Turner, VMD, DACT
Professor, Reproduction
Chief, Reproduction & Behavior

  • Residents, Technicians, and Support:

    Laura Elizabeth Suárez López, DVM
    Resident, Large Animal Theriogenology  

    Leslie Sandoval Rosales, DVM
    Resident, Large Animal Theriogenology 

    Ashlee Spewak
    Reproduction Technician 

    Ben Guessford
    Stallion Handler 

    Rick Ladow
    Stallion Handler 

    Erin Yoder
    Stallion Handler

    All Residents and Interns