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Mare Services

  • Fertility Work-ups for Mares
    • The Hofmann Center offers a fertility work-up package for mares.  The package includes:

    • Palpation and ultrasonographic evaluation of the mare’s reproductive tract per rectum
    • Uterine culture
    • Uterine cytology
    • Uterine biopsy
    • Manual, digital evaluation of the cervix
    • Vaginal speculum examination
    • For those mares requiring additional diagnostics, we also offer hysteroscopy, low volume uterine lavage with culture and cytology, endocrine testing and cytogenetic analysis.

    • If you are interested in a fertility work-up for your mare, please contact our reproduction team today by calling 610-925-6364.

  • Breeding Management
    • The Hofmann Center offers breeding packages for mares being bred with fresh, chilled or frozen semen.  The packages include unlimited numbers of transrectal ultrasonographic examinations and artificial inseminations.  Board, medications and other treatments (ie. uterine lavage, uterine infusions) are additional. 

    • Mares managed for frozen semen breedings are carefully monitored throughout the daytime and evening hours and are bred via deep uterine horn insemination timed carefully to coincide with ovulation.  All mares, including those with foals, receive daily individual turnout in large outdoor paddocks and personalized care.

  • Additional Mare Services
    • The Hofmann Center offers a wide variety of other reproduction services to mare owners including:

      • Fetal gender determination
      • Manual twin pregnancy reduction
      • Transvaginal twin pregnancy reduction
      • Pregnancy diagnosis
      • Treatment of uterine infections (bacterial and fungal)
      • In conjunction with PADLS, endometrial biopsy. If you are interested in this, please fill out the Endometrial Biopsy Submission Form (PDF), and contact PADLS Mammalian Pathology Lab for more information, fees, and timeline for results. 

      In conjunction with our board certified surgeons, internists and imaging specialists, we also offer:

      • Surgery to improve perineal conformation
      • Evaluation of mid and late term pregnancies
      • Diagnosis and treatment of uterine and ovarian tumors
      • Uterine cyst removal
      • Cervical laceration repair
      • Ovariectomy
      • Foaling packages for high-risk mares
      • Laparoscopic treatment of blocked oviducts
  • Assisted Reproduction Services
    • Embryo Transfer
    • The Hofmann Center offers a wide range of equine embryo transfer services.
    • Learn about our embryo transfer services...
    • ICSI: Introcytoplasmic Sperm Injection
    • For mares that are not suited for embryo transfer, oocyte recovery and subsequent ICSI is another option that can result in pregnancies.  Oocyte aspiration and ICSI can be used for mares with chronic uterine infections, cervical problems, oviductal problems and other issues that prevent them from conceiving or carrying a pregnancy.
    • Learn more about ICSI services...


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