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Surgery Services

You’ve considered every option, and now it’s time to schedule a surgical procedure for your animal.

You want to be sure that, not only is your surgery team the best in the field, but that your surgeons are versed in every type and aspect of large animal surgery. We can reassure you. New Bolton Center's surgery team, headed by boarded and dually boarded large animal surgeons, offers a full range of services -- from diagnosis through post-operative treatment.

What We Offer

  • Orthopedic Surgery

    The surgical team and facilities at New Bolton Center offer an unparalleled level of treatment for all orthopedic conditions in the horse. Our long-standing commitment to advance equine orthopedic surgery is evidenced by expansion of CT-guided surgery, development of the pool-raft recovery system for recovery in fracture patients, and state-of-the-art surgical equipment.

    Service highlights include:

    • Fracture repair
    • Arthroscopy
    • Tenoscopy and bursoscopy
    • Advanced cartilage resurfacing
    • Regenerative medicine including stem cells and platelet-rich plasma
  • Colic Surgery

    Colic is the set of clinical signs we typically associate with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.  There are numerous causes for colic and in horses, and some can prove fatal without surgical intervention.

    Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center is a leader in large animal Emergency Critical Care, with a team of dual board-certified specialists, specifically trained in emergency/critical care, surgery and internal medicine.

    Available around the clock, 365 days per year, our critical care experts are dedicated to answering all of your colic questions and providing comprehensive emergency medical and surgical care to all large animals suffering from life-threatening illnesses or injuries. We offer state-of-the-art intensive care in a compassionate environment, to respond to our patients when they need us most.

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  • Upper Airway Surgery

    Diseases and abnormalities of the upper airway cause poor performance in sport horses. Our New Bolton surgeons specialize in upper airway surgery, providing issue-specific diagnostics and innovative surgical treatment approaches.

    Service highlights include:

    • Modified laryngoplasty (tieback) for treatment of laryngeal hemiplegia
    • Outpatient transendoscopic laser surgery for removal of growths or correction of epiglottic entrapment
    • Outpatient dental treatment or extractions performed by a certified veterinary dentist
    • Outpatient sinoscopy for evaluation and treatment of sinus disease
    • Tieforward procedure for treatment of palate displacement 
  • Soft Tissue Surgery

    In addition to upper respiratory surgery, New Bolton Center's surgery team addresses numerous and diverse areas of soft tissue surgery. Many of the surgeries can now be performed using minimally invasive techniques (i.e., laparoscopically), often without the need for general anesthesia. 

    Service highlights include:

    • Laparoscopic surgery for treatment of cryptorchids, ovarian tumors or other urogenital problems
    • Laparoscopic nephrosplenic space ablation for recurrent colon entrapments
    • Urogenital surgery
    • Wound and laceration repair
    • Treatment of tumors, including sarcoids, melanoma, and others, with the most advanced treatment options including autologous vaccine preparation
  • Lameness

    Our team of sports medicine specialists combined with the most advanced technologies, facilitates the accurate diagnosis and treatment of lameness in all types of horses. We are able to perform comprehensive lameness evaluations with access to highest quality radiology, ultrasound, MRI, and standing CT right on site.

    Service highlights include:

    • State-of-the-art indoor arena for lameness evaluations
    • High-speed treadmill
    • Standing CT
    • Ultrasonography
    • MRI

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  • Dental Surgery

    Advanced technologies have allowed more accurate identification of equine dental disease and the field of equine dentistry has expanded greatly over the past several years due to the need for specialized treatment and care. New Bolton Center’s equine dentistry team, along with our surgical team, provides comprehensive dental care. 

    Service highlights include:

    • Routine floating and oral examination
    • Management of periodontal disease
    • Oral extractions, including tooth sectioning and partial coronectomy
    • Minimally invasive transbuccal extraction (MITSE)

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  • Reproductive Surgery

    Our team of equine surgeons are equipped to perform reproductive emergencies and routine surgeries including C-sections, ovariectomies, cryptorchidectomies, and perineal surgeries. When possible, we perform surgery using minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques to minimize surgical healing. 

    Service highlights include:

    • Laparoscopic ovariectomy
    • Routine and laparoscopic cryptorchidectomy
    • Perineal laceration repair
    • Routine castration
    • C-section

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  • Food Animal Surgery

    The Food and Fiber Animal Surgery Service provides complete state-of-the-art surgical treatments of farm animal patients (cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, and alternative livestock such as llamas, alpacas and deer).

    Service highlights include:

    Orthopedic Surgery

    • Fractures, arthroscopy, joint and bone infections, limb deformities, etc.

    Gastrointestinal Surgery

    • Displaced abomasum, rumenotomy, rumenostomy, intestinal obstruction, cecal problems, laparoscopy, etc.

    Urogenital Surgery

    • Urolithiasis (urinary blockage), C-section, castration, cryptorchidism, inguinal and scrotal hernia, ovariohysterectomy (spay), vasectomy, etc.

    Head and Neck Surgery

    • Dehorning, enucleation, mandibular fractures, tooth root abscess, tracheotomy, sinusotomy, etc.

    Other Types of Surgical Procedures

    • Umbilical hernia and other complicated umbilical problems, mastectomy, teat disorders, tumor removal, etc.
  • Ophthalmic Surgery

    New Bolton Center's ophthalmology team offers expert treatment of a wide variety of ophthalmic conditions in the horse. For patients requiring intensive treatment and close monitoring, hospitalization is available for round-the-clock care. In addition, we offer a range of ocular surgical options.

    Service highlights include:

    • Lid lacerations
    • Deep corneal ulcers or perforations
    • Periocular tumors
    • Cataracts

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