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Comprehensive Cancer Care at Ryan Hospital

Comprehensive Cancer Care/Oncology

Comprehensive Cancer Care is a cross-disciplinary approach to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. With a core team of specialists in medical oncology, surgical oncology, radiation oncology, and interventional radiology, we provide a comprehensive assessment of each patient’s cancer care needs, and work with our pet owners and their primary veterinarians to navigate through diagnosis and subsequent treatment plan.

Core Services

When you come for your initial appointment, you'll meet with a member of our core team to get a sense of your pet's history, previous diagnostics and care, and the specific concerns you have. We then determine a diagnostic and treatment strategy that could involve chemotherapy, immuno-oncology, radiation therapy, surgery, interventional radiology, or a combination of the above.

We also offer additional clinical resources, including anesthesia, radiology, critical care, nutrition, and grief support services.

For Our Clients

Receiving the news that your pet has cancer can raise a lot of questions. We want to be sure you know what to expect and that you have the resources you need to better understand what's going on with your pet.

Here are some tools and resources that can help.

For Our Referring Veterinarians

We believe that primary care veterinarians play a vital role in the treatment process, and we strive to keep all referring veterinarians updated throughout.

Our Care Team

Pascale Salah, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology)
Service Head, Comprehensive Cancer Care
Associate Professor, Clinical Medical Oncology
Oncology, Chemotherapy, Rescue Therapy for Lymphoma, Hemangiosarcoma

Lillian Duda, VMD, DACVR (Radiation Oncology)
Professor, Clinical Radiation Oncology
Service Head, Clinical Radiation Oncology
Radiation Oncology, Research Ethics

Jennifer Huck, DVM, DACVS
Clinical Assistant Professor, Surgery
Companion Animal Surgery, Surgical Oncology, Canine Osteoarthritis

Jennifer Lenz, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology)
Assistant Professor, Medical Oncology
Medical Oncology

Matt Atherton, BVSc, PhD, DECVIM (Oncology)
Assistant Professor of Immuno-Oncology
Medical Oncology, Immunotherapy, CAR-T cell therapy

Cross-Disciplinary Team

Dana Clarke, VMD, DACVECC (Emergency & Critical Care)
Assistant Professor, Interventional Radiology
Interventional Radiology, Critical Care, Surgery

David Holt, BVSc
Professor, Surgery
Soft tissue surgery, Minimally invasive surgery, 
Portosystemic shunts, Respiratory surgery, 
Surgical oncology

Nicola Mason, BVM, PhD, MRCVS, DACVIM
Professor, Medicine & Pathobiology,  
Paul A. James and Charles A. Gilmore 
Endowed Chair Professorship
Internal Medicine, Canine Cancer, Immunotherapy

  • Residents and Interns

    Kathleen Bardales, DVM
    Resident, Medical Oncology

    Dillon Didehvar, VMD
    Resident, Oncology

    Audrey Ghanian, VMD
    Resident, Oncology

    Aimee Soileau, DVM
    Resident, Oncology

    Laurel Upton, DVM
    Resident, Oncology

    All Residents and Interns

  • Veterinary Nursing Staff 

    Courtney Briddes, CVT
    Veterinary Nurse

    Stephanie Corsi, CVT
    Radiation Oncology Service Coordinator, Veterinary Nurse

    Jennifer Hayden, CVT
    Veterinary Oncology Nurse

    Patricia Knapp, CVT
    Veterinary Surgical Oncology Nurse

    Karen Masciangelo, RTT
    Radiation oncology technician

    Rachael Meyer, CVT
    Veterinary Oncology Nurse

    Jack Ryder, CVT
    Radiation Oncology Nurse Anesthetist

    Jackie Shanley, CVT
    Veterinary Oncology Nurse Coordinator

    Michelle Strolle, CVT
    Veterinary Oncology Nursing Supervisor

    More about Nursing


Faculty and clinicians at Penn Vet are actively engaged in groundbreaking research in cancer care. From developing an immunotherapeutic treatment for canine osteosarcoma to genetic rewiring, we are leaders in innovative approaches to treating cancer. Some of our faculty's results are now being used in human clinical trials.  Learn about the range of basic and translational research taking place in cancer at Penn Vet.

Current Clinical Trials in Cancer Care

Penn Vet researchers strive to improve the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer in animals through novel therapies that may one day offer cancer patients, canine and human alike, a viable alternative or complementary treatment to traditional therapies. Here is a list of current clinical trials in cancer care at Penn Vet.