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Clinical Trials & Research in Cancer Care

Penn Vet researchers strive to improve the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer in animals through novel therapies that may one day offer cancer patients, canine and human alike, a viable alternative or complementary treatment to traditional therapies. Here is a list of current clinical trials in cancer care at Penn Vet.

Current Clinical Trials in Cancer Care

Below is a list of our current clinical trials in cancer care. You may search by animal and by type of cancer.

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When you choose an animal (Filter by Animal) or when you begin to type something into the 'Filter by Trial Type' field below (e.g., osteosarcoma, etc.), the search results will immediately respond by updating the list of trials. To start over, clear the fields and enter new information.

Cathepsin-activated near-infrared (NIR) imaging for intraoperative detection of insulinomas

A clinical trial evaluating a new near-infrared imaging agent to detect cancerous tissue in dogs with Insulinoma during surgical excision.

cancer active pancreatic Insulinoma clinical trial cancer active

Comparison of the efficacy & impact on suppressor cells of CHOP vs. LOPP chemotherapy in canine T-cell lymphoma

CHOP vs. LOPP chemotherapy for T-cell Lymphoma

cancer active active lymphoma lymph node chemotherapy cancer

Embolization or chemoembolization in dogs with hepatocellular carcinoma and utility of contrast-enhanced ultrasound versus CT angiogram in post-embolization assessment.

This trial will compare outcomes in dogs treated with embolization vs. chemoembolization and will also evaluate the accuracy of contrast enhanced ultrasound verses CT angiogram for post-embolization assessment.

cancer active liver tumors liver cancer hepatocellular carcinoma Embolization dogs with liver tumors dogs with liver cancer CT angiogram Contrast-enhanced ultrasound Chemoembolization active

Evaluation of Bendamustine as a Novel Chemotherapy Agent for Relapsed Canine Lymphoma

The purpose of this study is to evaluate different doses of bendamustine in dogs with lymphoma to evaluate its safety and effectiveness.

cancer active lymphoma dogs chemotherapy active

Evaluation of FLASH Proton RT in Naturally Occurring Canine Head and Neck Cancer

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the safety and feasibility of a novel form of radiation therapy (RT) called FLASH proton radiation therapy for head and neck cancers in dogs.

cancer active radiation Oncology clinical trial cancer active

Intraoperative assessment of marginal tissue after BCS resection using in-vivo topical application of a cathepsin-targeted molecular probe.

Evaluating the efficacy of a new near-infrared imaging agent when applied topically to tumor during surgery in dogs with mammary gland tumors

cancer active NIRI near-infrared imaging mgt mastectomy massie mammary tumor mammary gland tumor mammary carcinoma mammary adenocarcinoma holt clinical trial Holt breast cancer active

Intraoperative Detection and Resection of Tumors in Canines Using an Integrated Spectroscopy and Imaging System

A clinical trial to determine if near-infrared imaging can improve the surgeon’s ability to see cancer and cancer margins during surgery to remove primary lung tumors in dogs.

cancer active tumor surgery primary lung tumor Oncology metastasis mass margins lung tumor lung mass lung infrared Imaging Dr. David Holt diagnostic imaging comprehensive cancer care canine tumor canine lung tumor canine cancer cancer center cancer advanced imaging active

Intraoperative detection of oral squamous cell carcinoma margins in dogs using cathepsin-activated near-infrared (NIR) imaging

A clinical trial evaluating a new near-infrared (NIR) imaging agent to detect cancerous tissue in dogs with oral squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) during surgical excision.

cancer active surgery squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer SCC oral tumor NIRI near-infrared imaging mouth Holt Griffin epithelium epidermis Castejon cancer active

Pilot study of Frunevetmab (Solensia) and Meloxicam for palliative therapy of feline bone-invasive oral squamous cell carcinomas

This study will be the first to assess whether Solensia, in combination with meloxicam, provides superior pain relief compared to meloxicam alone.

cancer active Solensia carcinoma cancer anti-inflammatory active

Penn Vet's VCIC

Penn Vet, Veterinary Clinical Investigations CenterPenn Vet’s Veterinary Clinical Investigations Center (VCIC) works with regional veterinary clinics to offer patients access to cutting-edge clinical trials. These trials can offer owners potential diagnostic and treatment options that are not available anywhere else locally or even nationally for their pet.

The VCIC provides nursing staff dedicated to helping owners and their pets navigate the course of enrolling in a clinical trial, offering them state-of-the-art care, while informing science for the benefit of future generations of pets and people alike.

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