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Clinical Trials & Research in Cancer Care

Penn Vet researchers strive to improve the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer in animals through novel therapies that may one day offer cancer patients, canine and human alike, a viable alternative or complementary treatment to traditional therapies. Here is a list of current clinical trials in cancer care at Penn Vet.

Current Clinical Trials in Cancer Care

Below is a list of our current clinical trials in cancer care. You may search by animal and by type of cancer.

CANCER - Trial for Dogs with Mast Cell Tumors, B Cell Lymphoma, or Histocytic Sarcoma

Seeking dogs with specific tumors to help us further cancer research.

active tumor sarcoma Oncology mct mast cell tumor lymphoma immunotherapy immune histiocytic sarcoma canine cancer b cell

FIBROSARCOMA - Trial of ALVAC® IL-2 Treatment in Cats with Feline Fibrosarcoma

Clinical trial evaluating surgery in combination with immunotherapy for cats with fibrosarcoma

cancer active VAS vaccine tumor surgery sarcoma FSA cancer active

HEMANGIOSARCOMA - Clinical evaluation of propranolol and doxorubicin for the treatment of splenic hemangiosarcoma in the dog

In this trial, we will be evaluating Propranolol’s effect on survival time and quality of life when given in combination with the standard chemotherapy treatment.

cancer center splenic HSA splenic hemangiosarcoma spleen propranolol PPL HSA hemangiosarcoma chemotherapy cancer active cancer active

HEMANGIOSARCOMA - Supplement for Dogs with Cancer of the Spleen

In this trial, we will be comparing I’m-Yunity’s® effect on survival time and quality of life to the standard chemotherapy treatment.

VCIC turkey tail mushroom splenic HSA spleen mushroom I’m-Yunity HSA hemangiosarcoma cancer active cancer alternative medicine

LYMPHOMA - Re-directed Autologous T cell Therapy for B cell lymphoma

Immune cells (known as T cells) are taken from the peripheral blood, stimulated, expanded and genetically modified in the laboratory to express a surface receptor that recognizes B cells

cancer center comprehensive cancer care Mason lymphoma Mason Cancer Studies Mason Active mason immunotherapy canine lymphoma canine cancer cancer active cancer b-cell malignancies B-cell lymphoma active

OSTEOSARCOMA - Use of a Novel Immunotherapy for Dogs with Bone Cancer of the Leg

Further evaluation of the Listeria vaccine in dogs with osteosarcoma.

archive vaccine osteosarcoma OSA Mason Osteosarcoma mason Listeria cancer center cancer active cancer bone cancer bacteria

OSTEOSARCOMA: Evaluation of Flash Proton RT in Dogs with Bone Cancer of the Leg

A new type of radiation therapy for dogs with appendicular osteosarcoma

cancer center radiation therapy leg tumor leg cancer large dog cancer large breed cancer bone tumor bone cancer amputation active

RNA-transfected CD40-B Cell Vaccines for Dogs With Newly Diagnosed Lymphoma

Determine whether a cell based vaccine can prevent the return of lymphoma after standard chemotherapy treatment.

inactive Mason lymphoma Mason Cancer Studies Mason Active lymphoma immunotherapy canine lymphoma canine cancer cancer active cancer

Safety And Effectiveness Of Antibody Therapy For Dogs With Splenic Hemangiosarcoma

This trial evaluates the safety and effectiveness of an antibody therapy designed to inhibit VEGF and delay or prevent spread of hemangioscarcoma after surgery

Mason hemangiosarcoma Mason Cancer Studies Mason Active immunotherapy hemangiosarcoma canine hemangiosarcoma canine cancer cancer active cancer

SARCOMA: Soft Tissue Sarcoma & Mammary Carcinoma - Photoacoustic System for Identifying Tumor Edges (PSITE)

cancer center tumor removal tumor soft tissue sarcoma mammary carcinoma cancer active

TRANSITIONAL CELL CARCINOMA - Clinical Trial Using Immunotherapy For Female Dogs With Bladder Cancer

A modified Listeria vaccine for female dogs with bladder cancer.

cancer active transitional cell carcinoma TCC Mason TCC carcinoma Mason Active canine carcinoma canine bladder cancer bladder cancer in dogs bladder cancer active

Use of Near-infrared Imaging in Surgical Accuracy for Feline Soft-Tissue Sarcomas

Penn Vet is conducting a study to determine if near-infrared imaging can improve the surgeon’s ability to see cancer and cancer margins during surgery to remove feline soft tissue sarcomas.

cancer active ryan surgery infrared imaging feline soft tissue sarcoma david holt active

Penn Vet's VCIC

Penn Vet, Veterinary Clinical Investigations CenterPenn Vet’s Veterinary Clinical Investigations Center (VCIC) works with regional veterinary clinics to offer patients access to cutting-edge clinical trials. These trials can offer owners potential diagnostic and treatment options that are not available anywhere else locally or even nationally for their pet.

The VCIC provides nursing staff dedicated to helping owners and their pets navigate the course of enrolling in a clinical trial, offering them state-of-the-art care, while informing science for the benefit of future generations of pets and people alike.

Learn more about Penn Vet's VCIC...

About Cancer Research at Penn Vet

Ms12 in tumorFaculty and clinicians at Penn Vet are actively engaged in groundbreaking research in cancer care. From developing an immunotherapeutic treatment for canine osteosarcoma to genetic rewiring, we are leaders in innovative approaches to treating cancer. Some of our faculty's results are now being used in human clinical trials.  Learn about the range of basic and translational research taking place in cancer at Penn Vet.