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Equine Surgery, New Bolton Center

New Bolton Center Surgery

With its long history of significant contributions to large animal surgery, the Section of Surgery at New Bolton Center provides sophisticated services utilizing techniques such as arthroscopy, endoscopy, laparoscopy, laser and cryo-surgery.

New Bolton Center's board-certified surgeons treat all large animals, including horses, cows, small ruminants, camelids, and pigs.

Our Team

The Surgery Service at New Bolton Center provides our patients with a comprehensive and collaborative approach. Our service has led the way in large animal surgery, and our board-certified surgical faculty and clinical staff are among the world's most experienced and respected.

Our Pool Recovery System

New Bolton Center’s surgical suite in the C. Mahlon Kline Orthopedic & Rehabilitation Center has state-of-the-art equipment, including a pool recovery system, for complex fracture repair and special air-handling capabilities to minimize surgical site contamination.


Our Clinical Services

New Bolton Center is recognized internationally as a leader in equine and food and fiber animal surgery. The Large Animal Surgery service at New Bolton Center is available 24/7 for all large animal procedures and emergencies. Our board-certified veterinary surgeons are leaders in their selected fields of specialty, including orthopedic and soft-tissue surgery, as well as head and neck surgery, and emergency surgical procedures such as colic surgery. Our team has led the field of large animal surgery in creating innovative, advanced techniques and procedures to treat our patients.

  • Orthopedic Surgery
    • Surgical procedures include, among others:
      •  Fracture repair
      • Arthroscopy
      • Septic arthritis and osteomyelitis
      • Tendon and ligament injuries
      • Stem cell therapy
  • Upper Respiratory Surgery
    • Our surgical service has one of the most experienced staff and largest caseloads in the country. We advocate efficiency in diagnosis and treatment to minimize hospitalization and the time out of training before return to exercise. While many of our patients are younger athletes, we always provide the same level of care and treatment to our older patients. 
      • Commonly performed procedures include:
        • Modified laryngoplasty (tieback) for treatment of laryngeal hemiplegia
        • Outpatient transendoscopic laser surgery for removal of growths or correction of epiglottic entrapment
        • Outpatient dental treatment or extractions performed by a certified veterinary dentist
        • Outpatient sinoscopy for evaluation and treatment of sinus disease
        • Tieforward procedure for treatment of palate displacement
        View some surgical case videos...
  • Soft Tissue Surgery
    • In addition to upper respiratory surgery, New Bolton Center's surgery team addresses numerous and diverse areas of soft tissue surgery. Many of the surgeries can now be performed using minimally invasive techniques (i.e., laparoscopically), often without the need for general anesthesia. 
    • Commonly performed procedures include:
      • Laparoscopic surgery for treatment of cryptorchids, ovarian tumors or other urogenital problems
      • Nephrosplenic Space Ablations performed laparoscopically for recurrent colon entrapments
      • Repair of rectovaginal problems or other urogenital abnormalities in mares or stallions
        Sarcoid/Melanoma treatment performed both surgically and with adjunctive treatments to minimize recurrence.
      View some surgical case videos...
  • Food and Fiber Animal Surgery
    • The Food and Fiber Animal Surgery Service provides complete state-of-the-art surgical treatments of farm animal patients (cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, and alternative livestock such as llamas, alpacas and deer).

      Some of our service highlights include:

    • Orthopedic Surgery

      • Fractures, arthroscopy, joint and bone infections, limb deformities, etc.
    • Gastrointestinal Surgery

      • Displaced abomasum, rumenotomy, rumenostomy, intestinal obstruction, cecal problems, laparoscopy, etc.
    • Urogenital Surgery

      • Urolithiasis (urinary blockage), C-section, castration, cryptorchidism, inguinal and scrotal hernia, ovariohysterectomy (spay), vasectomy, etc.
    • Head and Neck Surgery

      • Dehorning, enucleation, mandibular fractures, tooth root abscess, tracheotomy, sinusotomy, etc.
    • Other Types of Surgical Procedures

      • Umbilical hernia and other complicated umbilical problems, mastectomy, teat disorders, tumor removal, etc.

Our Research Initiatives

New Bolton Center's Surgery faculty are actively engaged in groundbreaking research, including stem cell therapy, bone growth and regeneration, and stimulating the synthesis of cartilage components in the treatment of equine arthritis.

  • Ortved Laboratory
    • The Ortved Laboratory at New Bolton Center is focused on understanding the pathophysiology of post-traumatic osteoarthritis (PTOA) and developing gene and cell-based therapies to help regenerate cartilage and prevent the development of PTOA following joint injury.
    • PSC-CORL
      • Preclinical Service Core-Comparative Orthopedic Research Laboratory (PSC-CORL) (non-clinical and clinical) is one of the core capabilities in the Section of Surgery, Department of Clinical Studies New Bolton Center. It is comprised of the Surgical Models Services, Non-Clinical (GLP) andClinical (VICH-GL9) Trials Design and Management, Imaging andHistological Services.
    • Laminitis Research
      • Laminitis is a painful inflammation of the lamellar tissue, the strong connecting tissue that attaches or bonds the pedal bone and the inner hoof wall together.

        Laminitis is very serious and can be life threatening due to the chronic and unrelenting pain associated with the loss of support and tearing of the tissue in the hoof. The front hooves are most commonly affected, although the hind feet are sometimes affected.

        The faculty and clinicians at Penn Vet's New Bolton Center are well-known leaders in the field of laminitis and serve as a resource for current information on the state-of-the-art treatment of horses with the disease.

Ligasure, New Bolton Center Surgery

Surgical Cases

View equine surgical procedures such as this ligasure procedure on a mare to remove her ovary.

A Collaborative Approach

The Surgery Service at New Bolton Center works closely with other services at the hospital, including: