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Internal Medicine clinical team

Internal Medicine Clinical Team

Our internal medicine team comprises board-certified faculty/clinicians, nurses and technicians, as well as residents, interns and students. We pride ourselves in providing excellent care and a compassionate environment for our clients and patients.

Internal Medicine Faculty/Clinicians
Mary Beth Callan, VMD, Penn Vet, internal medicine
  • Professor, Internal Medicine
  • Medical Director, Penn Animal Blood Bank
  • Hematology
  • Transfusion medicine
Dr. Oliver Garden, Penn Vet 
Dr. Rebecka Hess, Penn Vet
  • Professor, Medicine
  • Chief, Medicine Section
  • Internal Medicine
  • Diabetes
Dr. Elizabeth Lennon, Penn Vet
Dr. Nicola Mason, Canine Cancer Studies
  • Associate Professor, Medicine
  • Internal Medicine
  • Canine Cancer
  • Immunotherapy
Mark Rondeau, Penn Vet, internal medicine
  • Professor, Clinical Medicine
  • Internal Medicine
Dr. Ariel Mosenco, Penn Vet
  • Associate Professor, Clinical Medicine
  • Internal Medicine
  • Nutrition
Dr. Kathryn McGonigle
  • Assistant Professor, Clinical Medicine
  • Internal Medicine
Adreanne Cleroux, DVM, Penn Vet
Dr. Megan McClosky, Penn Vet
Internal Medicine Residents 
Dr. Dennis Chan, Penn Vet
  • Dennis Chan, DVM
  • Resident, Medicine
Dr. Victoria DiCiccio, Penn Vet
  • Victoria DiCiccio, DVM
  • Resident, Medicine
Dr. Jennifer Forgash, Penn Vet
  • Jennifer Forgash, DVM
  • Resident, Medicine
Dr. Brittany Fowler, Penn Vet
  • Brittany Fowler, DVM
  • Resident, Medicine
Dr. Bridget Harvey, Penn Vet
  • Bridget Harvey, DVM
  • Resident, Medicine
Dr. Sindumani Manoharan, Penn Vet
  • Sindumani Manoharan, VMD
  • Resident, Medicine
Dr. Mei Lun Mui, Penn Vet
  • Mei Lun Mui, DVM
  • Resident, Medicine
Dr. Emily Seidel, Penn Vet
  • Emily Seidel, VMD
  • Resident, Medicine
Dr. Emily Shea, Penn Vet
  • Emily Shea, VMD
  • Resident, Medicine
Dr. Rebecca Stevens, Penn Vet
  • Rebecca Stevens, VMD
  • Resident, Medicine
 Ali Thomas-Hollands, DVM
  • Alison Thomas-Hollands, DVM
  • Resident, Medicine
Dr. Bianca Zampieri, Penn Vet
  • Bianca Zampieri, DVM
  • Resident, Medicine

Internal Medicine Nursing Staff
Christina Acholla, CVT
  • Christina Acholla, CVT
  • Internal Medicine
 Victoria Anders, CVT, Penn Vet
  • Victoria Anders CVT, VTS (SAIM)
  • Medicine Service Coordinator
Lisa Black CVT, Penn Vet
  • Lisa Black, CVT
  • Internal Medicine
Stephanie Campanaro, CVT, Penn Vet
  • Stephanie Campanaro, CVT
  • Wards Nurse
Kelina Diaz, CVT
  • Kelina Diaz, CVT
  • Wards Nurse
Katie Gregory, CVT, Penn Vet
  • Katie Gregory, CVT
  • Wards Nurse
Lara Haab, CVT, Penn Vet
  • Lara Haab, CVT
  • Internal Medicine
  • Raegan Hall, CVT
  • Feline Hyperthyroidism Therapy Nurse
 Charlotte Higgins, CVT, Penn Vet
  • Charlotte M. Higgins, CVT, VTS
  • Nutrition Support
 Kym Marryott, CVT, Penn Vet
  •  Kym Marryott, CVT
  • Internal Medicine, Blood Bank
 Ali McKenna, CVT, Penn Vet
  • Ali McKenna, CVT
  • Internal Medicine Nurse Coordinator
  • Zoe Metz, CVT
  • Veterinary Technician
Paula Olson, CVT, Penn Vet
  • Paula Olson, CVT
  • Endoscopy and Internal Medicine
Amanda Parylak, CVT, Penn Vet
  • Amanda Parylak, CVT
  • Veterinary Technician
Jenna Tripoldi, CVT, Penn Vet
  • Jenna Tripoldi, CVT
  • Veterinary Technician