Shelter Medicine and Pets for Life

Making a Difference

Penn Vet Shelter Medicine partners with Pets for Life to help pet owners and their animals.

Shelter Medicine and the Community

Shelter Medicine and the Community

Penn Vet's Shelter Medicine program supports the Philadelphia community.

Dr. Brittany Watson and West Philadelphia students

Knowledge is Power

Dr. Watson teaches West Philly students through a partnership with Penn's Netter Center.

Penn Vet student Jasmine Lee at ACCT with patient

Caring for the Helpless

Penn Vet students work with Philadelphia's Animal Care and Control Team.


Shelter Medicine

brittany with community and student

With approximately 7.6 million animals entering shelters around the United States each year—around 2.7 million of which are euthanized, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals—shelter animal medicine is a hugely important facet of the veterinary field.

The Shelter Medicine Program at Penn Vet approaches the growing crisis by looking at shelter medicine not only in the sheltering facility, but from a wider sociological, economic, and cultural perspective allows for a greater examination of the human-animal bond and link between human and animal health.

We are not just providing medical care to those who need it, we're also interacting with people and doing outreach to try to prevent animals from ever entering the sheltering system in the first place.

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We're fundraising to purchase a state-of-the-art mobile unit. Every gift will help get us to the finish line. Make a gift today!

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Dr. Brittany Watson, Shelter Medicine

Brittany Watson, VMD, PhD
Director, Shelter Medicine & Community Engagement
Email: brittawa@vet.upenn.edu
Phone: 215-898-8341

Help Us Help Our Community!

The Penn Vet Shelter Medicine Program has plans for a mobile unit – a surgical and medical clinic that will also serve as a real-world classroom for Penn Vet students and the community.  The Penn Vet mobile unit will help us provide advanced medical and surgical care for shelter animals and outreach to at-risk pets in communities without access to veterinary care.

Help the Penn Vet Shelter Medicine Program students, veterinarians, and faculty reach as many members, both human and animal, of the Greater Philadelphia region as possible.

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If you want to send in your gift by mail, please download, fill out, and return the Shelter Medicine Challenge Pledge Form with your check towards this exciting matching grant challenge.