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White Coat Ceremony, Penn Vet Class of 2021

Notes to Graduates

Continue to learn new things

A big congratulations for making it to this day!! You will find that a veterinary education prepares you for more than you can contemplate at this moment. Continue to learn new things and be open to branch out into wherever your life and heart ♥️ takes you! Best wishes for your future. 

-- Cathy Carnevale, V'72

Welcome to the profession!

Every morning, when I wake up, I think "I am so glad I am a vet".  I am sure you will, too. Welcome to the profession!

-- Katherine Houpt, V'63


Your Spectacular Success

Dear Class of 2021:

Undoubtedly, alums will marvel at V'21 for centuries, as the 'pandemic survivors'. You're entering the world of veterinary medicine at the STRANGEST of times - fantastically low unemployment, and vaccinations enabling our exit from 'marooned' social lives and the excitement of resuming some travel; yet there remain global uncertainties and unresolved reflections on how we will live in the future.

For now I hope you are gratified by your spectacular success completing the VMD and the relationships you have built along the way.  We deeply appreciate your diligence and collegiality, flexibility and patience, during this challenging time.

We will REALLY MISS YOU, and hope that you will let Penn Vet join you as Alums on your journey - please stay in touch and join us at Alum events and in your life-long learning. 

Best of luck on next steps.  Take care, 

-- Dean Andy Hoffman

You Are Extraordinary

Penn Vet Dean Emeritus Joan HendricksDear V'21, among all the denizens of VMD world, you are extraordinary.  You pioneered pursuing clinics in a pandemic and helped develop innovative educational methods.  You didn't ask for this role but you did it.

In your careers I wish you the joy and meaningful satisfaction you have dreamt of and the openness and emotional agility to recognize and enjoy opportunities you never imagined.

I predict there will be a lot of both. Admiringly and with boundless good wishes,
Joan Hendricks
One-time Dean of Penn Vet

-- Joan Hendricks V'79, PhD, Emeritus Dean of Penn Vet

A Real Accomplishment

Congratulations on achieving your life goal - a real accomplishment!!

-- Neal B. Neuman V'73

You did it!

Way to go. You did it. 

-- Gina Shade V'10

I Hope You Find It Fulfilling

Congratulations on the first and most important step of your journey. I hope that you find your niche in the world of veterinary medicine and find it fulfilling. It will be full of ups and downs, highs and lows, but never boring. Remember, the learning never ends; we practice until we retire.   

-- Deborah Hofler V'95

A love for all things furry

To our daughter Kavita
A love for all things furry, a  4-H booth, and a small Jersey named White these things started you on this amazing journey. You are an intelligent woman and we are so proud of your accomplishments. We can't wait to see where life takes you next. 
Congratulations on your VMD. 
Love , Mommy and Papa -- Hitesh and Donna Shroff

Dear Kavita,
Grandpa and Grandma are extremely proud of you and all that you have accomplished in your studies. We are looking forward to hearing all about your internship and the great things that you get to do. 
With our love,
Grandpa and Grandma

-- Grace and Donald Hooton

Congrats to all of you!

Proud mom of Lauren Flower here!
Congrats to all of you!
All the best for much happiness and success!

-- Andrea Flower

I Can't Wait to See What Comes Next

Congrats to the class of V‘21. A special shout out to all the fantastic volunteers of the DHA One Health Clinic. Your work touched the lives of pets and people in so many ways, and you brought joy to the lives of vets, techs, and a whole community in the process. I can’t wait to see what comes next for you!❤️

-- Kristin Jankowski V'94

Dr. Michael Mison

Go Confidently in the Direction of your Dreams

Congratulations, V21!  Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Welcome to a great profession!

-- Michael Mison, DVM

Be Brave

Congratulations class of 2021!!!! Good job on such an extraordinary accomplishment.  I embrace all of you  and am so honored to call you colleagues!  Please don’t stress as we have all been where you are-you are perfectly imperfect and we grow and learn in life as humans making some mistakes and that’s just a part of life!!!

We are all in the same boat and support each other along our separate journeys –

Gia Croce, VMD, Penn Vet Alumna

know that i am here for you and if i can offer any words of wisdom or just be a shoulder to lean on or offer my experience, please don’t hesitate to email me anytime ( I’ve been a small part of some of your lives doing the hands on surgical training at Providence and wish all of you the best!

Go out and know that you are brave, you are strong, and you are smart.  Such a talented class – your futures are bright! Stay positive and remember you have the prerogative to change your mind and your path anytime and it’s neither right or wrong,... never predict how your life will be, but be open to all possibilities.  Enjoy, and I celebrate you!!!! ♥️

-- Gia Croce, V'92, Penn Vet Alumni Board

Many Adventures Ahead

Holly Stewart, VMDCongratulations, Penn Vet V'2021 - welcome to the profession, VMDs! I am so excited for each of you to join all of us Penn grads in this incredible profession--there are so many adventures ahead!

There will be amazing days and challenging moments, so just remember you are supported by a network of colleagues and friends. As a previous student, resident, and now Alumni Board member, I can confidently say that you are the best of the best.

Enjoy every day and embrace what you want in this profession--be so good they can't ignore you (I promise, you have the education now to do that!). Cheers to you ALL for this achievement and don't forget to celebrate your successes and find something to laugh about every day. We are cheering you on!

-- Holly Stewart, V'12, Penn Vet Alumni Board

So very proud

Hi Dave, I'm SO VERY PROUD of you! Way to go!!! Much love, Mom

-- Barbara Haas

Dave: CONGRATULATIONS!!! on your achievement in becoming a Veterinarian Doctor.  Wishing you the very best as you start a successful career.

-- Bob & Sonya Haas

The World of Creatures Awaits Your Arrival! Congratulations, Dave, on your amazing accomplishments, going above and beyond everything they dished in your direction.  The word has spread like wildfire throughout the Animal Kingdom that at last the creature whisperer is on his way.  Now, truly, “The Great Adventure Begins!”


-- Aunt Fitz and Uncle Steve Haas

Dave Haas: Hearty congratulations on your tenacity and fabulous achievement in attaining your VMD!!

-- Uncle Jim, Claire, and Reid Eggleston

This Is Only the Beginning

Congratulations new colleagues! I am so excited to welcome you to our great profession. You have worked so hard for this, and I know your vet school journey was truly unique! Take some time to celebrate and enjoy yourselves. This is only the beginning. Our profession has so much to offer and you never know where you might find yourselves down the road! But wherever the road may take you, I know you will do Penn and the vet world proud.

-- Kate Boatright V'13

You will make the world a better place

Welcome to the fantastic world of Veterinary Medicine and its many endeavors earning the degree of Veterinariae Medicinis Doctoris (VMD) - the unique designation of a graduate of the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

Each of you will make the world a better place for animal health & welfare, whatever aspect of veterinary medicine you choose to embrace. My veterinary career has been rewarding over my 61 years of active veterinary practice. My best wishes to each of you for your accomplishments.

-- Walter Woolf V'60

A 40 Bark Salute

Cindy Otto Penn Vet

A hearty congratulations and a 40 bark salute to the resilient class of 2021! From all of us at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center!

-- Cindy Otto, DVM, Penn Vet

Remember How Much You Are Loved

To Nicole Romanzi,

Congratulations to our daughter, Nicole
Wow, what a journey!  When you were 8 years old you said, “I want to be a Vet”.  After 20 years of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice it all paid off the dream has come true. You did it!  Take some time to look back on all you have accomplished. We are so proud of you. Love Mom and Dad
-- Vincent and Christine Romanzi

My Niece, I wish you strength to face challenges with confidence...along with the wisdom to choose your battles carefully...I wish you adventure on your journey and may you always stop to help someone along the way...Listen to heart and take risks carefully... Remember how much you are loved. We are so proud of you! Love you, Aunt Dolores & Uncle Tony
-- Dolores Ceraso

Hello Nicole. Congratulations and good luck from Uncle Phil, Aunt Ali, Niko, Luke, and especially from Marley, Max, Jax, and Axel. 
-- Philip Romanzi

Hooray! Good for you Nichol Romanzi - You did it! Wonderful! We are so Happy for you. Love,

-- Aunt Diana & Uncle John Eschmann

Wish all of you the best

Lara Derr, nurseCongratulations and best wishes to all of the awesome 2021 grads!! You guys are all amazing and I wish all of you the best of luck and huge success in your careers and lives!

-- Lara Derr, Penn Vet

You Will Always Be Part of the Penn Vet Family

Dr. Oliver Garden, Penn VetDear VMD Class of 2021:

I wish you every happiness and success as you enter our wonderful profession. You have all worked so hard to be here today and truly deserve all the rewards the veterinary profession will bring you.

There will be times when the going gets tough, but remember that you have the knowledge and transferable skills to cope. You also have a strong network of colleagues and friends, and will always be part of the Penn Vet family, so never feel reluctant to reach out for help if you need it -- and we all do at some point or another.

Please do stay in touch! It was a pleasure and honor to work alongside you; I very much look forward to connecting in the future. With my warmest wishes and heartfelt congratulations on your success! – Oliver

-- Dr. Oliver Garden, Penn Vet

Dr. Michele Capps, Penn Vet

It Was A Pleasure

Congratulations and best wishes to the class of V'21. It was a pleasure to have you in surgery!

-- Michelle Capps, Penn Vet

You set a goal and reached it.

Dearest Michael,

Congratulations on being a graduate of the Veterinary class of 21. You  have set a goal and reached it.  May your journey to Newfoundland be everything that you expect! Love, Bubi

-- Goldie Topper

We are so very proud of this your latest continue to amaze me with all you do. Sending you best wishes, Dr Topper.

-- Sandy/Cheri Topper

Can't Wait to See What You Do Next

Congratulations Class of 2021! So proud of all of your achievements. Welcome to the profession and can’t wait to see what you do next!

-- Sindu Manoharan V'18

We Are All So Proud

Dr. Mary Robinson, Equine Pharmacology

Congratulations and welcome to the veterinary profession!  We are all so proud of the amazing resiliency you have demonstrated and the skills you have learned.  Remember that learning is a lifelong endeavor and don't hesitate to reach out when you need advice and guidance. Penn Vet is here for you!

-- Mary Robinson, V'10, Penn Vet

Remember Your Alma Mater

Congratulations to the Class of 2021!!

You have been the beneficiaries of an extraordinary  education at the University of Pennsylvania that will serve you extremely well no matter what direction your career takes you. At this happy time I concur with what former Dean Mark Allam once wrote to my uncle's graduating class in 1963:

“It is my personal wish that as you pursue your professional life you will constantly remember your Alma Mater, giving her the benefit of your counsel and advice.”are, 

-- Steven Atwood V'80

Dr. Deborah Silverstein, Penn Vet

Be True to Yourself

Kudos on finishing strong after a challenging final year! Congratulations and best wishes in the days and years ahead. Be true to yourself and have fun.

-- Deborah Silverstein, DVM, Penn Vet

Onward and Upward

Congrats Class-O-21 on being sprung! Onward and upward. Your real vet life begins!

-- Jonathan Bramson V'89

Dr. Patricia Sertich, Penn Vet New Bolton Center

You are Ready

Colleagues, you are ready!  Work hard and enjoy every minute.  Best wishes to all of you.

-- Patrica Sertich V'83, Penn Vet

Thank you for everything

The horse always comes first!Congratulations, Dr. Joanne Koch! You are an amazing young woman and you will be a force of nature, whatever you choose to apply yourself to:  feline, canine, equine, bovine, porcine, cervine... and all the other-ines.

Penn Vet Marketing-Communications thanks you for everything you did with such thoroughness and forethought. Way to go, Joanne!

-- Carole Cloud, Penn Vet

A thermometer, a stethoscope, your hands and your head

When I was a teenager I remember my father, James E Prier DVM PhD, making the following comment:  "90% of your diagnoses can be made by using four "tools".  These are: a thermometer, a stethoscope, your hands and your head".

The thermometer is a straight forward tool that requires no expertise in its evaluation other than how to use it properly. The stethoscope and our hands are instruments we practice with every day so that we may perfect our ability to utilize the information that we receive from them.  Our head, however, requires the constant infusion of new knowledge that we can mix with the knowledge that is already present. Over the past four years you have been given a trove of information from the best minds in our profession and you have had the opportunity to interact and participate with the finest clinicians in our profession. In Pennsylvania you will be required to garner 30 hours of continuing education every two years in order to renew your license.  It is my hope that you look at this as an opportunity to absorb new knowledge and not as a mundane requirement.

Going forward some of you will further your skills in a specific clinical area with the purpose of obtaining board certification, others will enter general practice with one or many species while others will further their education beyond your VMD.  I implore all of you to please not forget the general practitioner that you are when you receive your diploma today.  You have the knowledge and skills to form a diagnosis in any species.  Please do not shy away from the challenge to treat a patient just because you “haven’t seen this type of case before”.  With your experience and the assistance of your colleagues you will be surprised at how proficient you can be.

Congratulations and welcome to the worlds best profession.  To quote Dr Seuss:

be your name Buxbaum or Bixby or Bray
or Mordecai Ali Van Allen O'Shea,
You're off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting.
So...get on your way!”

With great admiration, Steven G Prier MS, VMD!

-- Steven Prier V'81

Being Fearless

To our Favorite V’21 Graduate - Jen Reukauf!

It seems like a quick four years (on our end!), but you’re almost there, Jen! Hard work, persistence, being fearless, and your love of critters has gotten you to this point, and we look forward to seeing which roads you take in your career/life. We are so proud of you! Keep marching to the beat of your own bass drum.

Much love.

-- Amy and Bill Alexander

You Will Be An Incredible Veterinarian

We couldn’t be prouder! And we will remember to address you as Dr. Emilee Lacey from now on. YOU DID IT!  We love you..Mom and Ricky
-- Tonia & Ricardo Hernandez

Emilee Lacey, CONGRATULATIONS, DOCTOR!!! You have worked so hard despite the uncertainty and changes this past year. I am confident you all will be an incredible veterinarian because you are an incredible human. Can't wait to see everything more you accomplish!!! Thank you for all your help along the way!
-- Hannah Taylor V'22

Took you long enough! Love you sis, congrats on the new title Dr. Lacey!

-- Jacob Panunzi

You've Earned Today

It has been wonderful getting to know you all, especially with those that have an interest in exotic pet medicine, wildlife and zoo medicine. Congratulations to you all. You've earned today and being part of a wonderful profession. I hope to see you all "out there" very soon.

-- Len Donato V'96

Oh The Places You Will Go

We are so proud of you!!!!  A young lady who has accomplished her dream of becoming a vet and did it in style. "Oh! the places you will go."  You are ending a dream of becoming a vet, but  you are beginning your dream life.


-- Jacqueline Hodge

You're Heroes In Our Eyes

Congrats to all grads! You truly are a tremendous group of people! You are dedicated and compassionate to you career and it shows! We truly thank all of you whom was involved to help care for our dog, Petee! Wish you all a great future! You're heroes in our eyes!!.

-- Jennifer Yourey

Keep Following and Pursuing Your Passion

Proud parents of Kylie Amaral! Congratulations and keep following and pursuing your passion. Your perseverance and strong work ethics are commendable and we could not be any prouder. Now get out there and shine your light!
Love, Dad, Mom and Carter.

-- Katia Amaral

Kylie - We are so proud of you! Congrats on this amazing accomplishment!
We love you,

Tito, Titi Liz, Alexia and Sam

-- Elizabeth Rodrigues

Couldn't Think of a Better Vet

Congratulations, Class of 2021 and especially Liz Harasym! I couldn't think of a better vet.

-- Annie Tressler

Mazel Tov!

Mazel tov, cuzzo! So proud of you for all the hard work. Love, Alanna.

-- Alanna Davis

Your Dream Come True

MAZAL TOV, SHMIR!!! This is your dream come true...and it wasn't an easy one! So proud of your tenacity, dedication, and the passion that kept you going. Love you.

-- Tammy Klitofsky

You Never Gave Up

Congratulations Nicole. You wanted to be a Vet for as long as we can remember. You never gave up on your dream and you never shied from the hard work that it would take. We’re so proud of you!

Uncle Sam and Aunt Diana

-- Sam and Diana Gentile

You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To

Dear Amy - It seems like it was a week ago that UPenn called and offered you a spot in their V'21 class, and here you are, ready to graduate! It may have been the most difficult 4 years of your life, but you have learned so much about animals and also yourself!  You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to!  You are going to be the best vet EVER!  Coco and Mika are looking down on you with pride!

We love you!
Mom and Dad  

-- Anthony & Diane Cherico

You Did It!

You did it!! You have made it through so much and come out on the other side with great friends and colleagues -- with more to come. This profession is intensely wonderful and occasionally difficult -- always remember in the difficult times that there is always somewhere to go -- you are never stuck. There are an amazing number of opportunities in this wonderful profession.

Welcome to the Penn Vet Alumni and we are so proud of you!!

-- Alberto Rodrigues, V'15

Continue to Follow Your Heart

Adria, Congratulations!!! We always knew your hard work and love of animals would bring you to this day. Continue to follow your Heart. We are so very Proud of you. Our love, PP&MM

-- Kathryn Schlesman

You Never Gave Up

Charlotte Faria Madahar, Congratulations! You worked so hard to get here, and you never, never gave up. You made it! And you will be an awesome vet. Take some time off for you, and to celebrate; then get to work: the puppies are waiting! We are so, so proud of you, Love, Mum & Dad

-- Elizabeth Faria

Compassion & Commitment

Here's to your resilience, determination, ambition, compassion and commitment to your noble profession. We wish good luck on all your endeavors..

-- Bonnie & Les Bricker


Congratulations, Laura!!
I’m so proud of you!!

-- Michael Badeski 

Find Mentors Who Can Inspire You

Congratulations on a bigger accomplishment than you know. I've seen how difficult senior rotations have been during pandemic times and heard how worried students have been about the impact on their education. I hope you'll be surprised and heartened, as I was, to find how well my VMD education prepared me for jumping into the fire of my internship and practice. Find mentors who can inspire you with their moral courage and practice acumen. We want to help you, just as we were helped so long ago.

-- Lisa Moses V'93

A Year Like No Other

2021. A year like no other year. I am sure you are tired of hearing it. Bottom line. You survived and I am proud to welcome you into the fraternity of the Penn Vet Alumni. You were chosen 4 or 5 years ago  to be a member of a fantastic group of colleagues and professionals.

Though I am 28 years out of your position, I am still so proud and honored to be a veterinarian. I learn everyday, I teach everyday, and I am looking forward to seeing you in the future. As an exotics and zoo veterinarian, my work can be fun, tough, confusing, annoying, rewarding and that is every single day. Please reach out with any questions, thoughts or just to say hi.

All my best,

-- Adam Denish V'93, Penn Vet Alumni Board

Thank You For the Privilege of Teaching You

Congratulations Doctors! I am so excited for you as you embark on your next step in your journey. Each of you has something to contribute and I look forward to watching you as you continue to make your positive mark on the world. Thank you for the privilege of teaching you; you have helped me to become a better teacher.

I wish that I could cheer for you in person, but in lieu of that, please accept my gigantic virtual bear hug. Congrats!

-- Elizabeth Woodward, PhD, Penn Vet

We Are So Excited For You

Sabina Hlavaty, Penn Vet

Congratulations to the whole class of 2021, but especially Lauren T and Kaylynn J! We are so proud of you for completing your 4th year clinics in the middle of a global pandemic, and we are so excited for you both to finally become VMDs.

Sabina, Michelle and Ali!

-- Sabina Hlavaty V'22

Fulfillment of Your Lifelong Dream

Congratulations, Miriam! We are so very proud of this incredible accomplishment, the fulfillment of your lifelong dream. We look forward to following your veterinary career! May you go from strength to strength! Love, Mom and Dad

-- Rhona Fink

Dearest Miriam, We are excited to have a vet in the family. Mazel Tov to the hardest working, most focused vet in the Penn class. Love Debbie and Sheldon and all our future pets

-- Debbie Laxer

Dear Miriam, We congratulate you on this special day of your life. Your hopes and dreams and your commitment and dedication to achieve your goal have culminated in your graduation as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. We are so proud of you and wish you a life filled with good health, happiness and much success. We luv ya. Bubby and Zaida.

--Millie & Sonny Laxer

Congratulations, Dr. Fink!!!  We are all so proud of you and excited for you to start your new career as a vet.  Love, Mallory and Vlad

-- Mallory Davis

Dr. Miriam J. Fink, We are SO proud of you! Can't wait to have Dr. MJ Zoom Zoom Roomie Fink in DC with us. Love you!

-- The Mendel Finks (S and Adam)

An Inspiration

Congrats Liz Harasym! So proud of you, you are such an inspiration! You will be an amazing vet!


-- Christine FitzPatrick

All The Very Best For You

Kylie Briana, Congratulations and all the very best for you. We are very proud. God bless you. Your godmother Love you

-- Ana Cristina Rodrigues

Congratulations Class of 2021! Dear Kylie Briana:We are so proud of you. May God bless you and keep protecting you every minute of your life. With all our love, your grandparents, Ana and Alberto

-- Alberto Rodrigues

Keep Smiling

Alessandra, You have dreamt of this moment for a lifetime. Stop and take the time to realize your dreams are coming true. Your heart, dedication and compassion will take you to horizons way beyond our imaginations! The year 2020 has presented hurdles that seemed insurmountable but you have thrived through the worst of times. Always stay true to who you are no matter the challenges. We could not be prouder at this moment and always. Keep positive, keep smiling, keep loving life. "There is nothing more important than doing the work you are meant to do in this world" M. Forleo Congratulations Dr. Alessandra Chiaramonte, VMD!

All our love,

-- Mom & Dad Chiaramonte

#PennVetStrong banner

You are well equipped

Congratulations Class of 2021!  Although we never met, I have no doubt that after the past year and a half, you are all well equipped to change the face of vet med and take on any challenges headed your way! 

-- Justin Kozma V'24

Best Wishes

Congratulations to all of you as I recall how rigorous those four years were.  Best wishes to you as you take your next steps in your profession.

-- Robert Howarth V'63

Make It Special

To the Penn Vet Class of 2021:

Congratulations on reaching this remarkable achievement, which has occurred in the middle of significant World History. I still fondly remember sitting on stage, eagerly anticipating being handed  my degree, and hoping I would not trip and make a fool of myself! I wish for you the virtual handshakes and hugs of classmates and faculty as you process this day. 

Reflect. Make it special. The legacy of Penn Vet and its history will serve as a guide from this moment forward, but it is your efforts, pandemic or no, which got you here and will help you to achieve in your career. You have achieved during a remarkable year. Go forth, build on this success. Enjoy!

-- Lindsay Shreiber V'91, Penn Vet Alumni Board

Your Agility and Intelligence Will Bring You Far

V'21 - Your agility and intelligence will bring you far, but may your compassion and passion guide your practice. Best of luck on your next adventure, you should all be proud!

-- Destiny Coleman V'15

The Grit of Which You Are made

Congratulations!  That you were able to complete your education during a pandemic shows the grit of which you are made.  Use that in your career, and you will go far.  Welcome to the profession!

-- Felix Vega V'85, Penn Vet Alumni Board

Bursting With Pride

Edward Flaherty, We are bursting with pride. You will help so many animals and your commitment will help to shape the veterinary world! Kudos to all your effort and commitment needed to reach this day! You did it - Woo Hoo!! Mom & Dad

-- Paula Goldman-Flaherty

Congratulations, Eddie! We are so proud of you and can’t wait to hear all about the next step in your career! Love, Uncle Mike & Aunt Marlene

-- Marlene Goldman

Do Great Things & Simple Things

Nathanael Oster, V'21

Congratulations, Class of 2021! Go out and do great things if you wish; or do simple things. In either case, through your education and commitment, you will be helping animals, people, and society as a freshly minted professional. Cheers to all of your success.

-- Nathanael Oster, V'21

You Were Born to Save Animals

CarolAnn, mom and dad are and will always  be extremely proud of you for what you have accomplished at Penn Vet.You were born to save animals. All our love.

-- Marie & Steve Daidone

Be Bold, Be Courageous

Dr. Kaity Moss,

To our brave and determined daughter, we could not be more proud of you in your fearless quest for knowledge. Your adventures in veterinary medicine have just begun and we can’t wait to see where they take you.

Your success was no accident. It was hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all love of what you are doing.

Be bold, be courageous, be your best.

Love Mom and Dad

-- Pam Moss

With Much Love, Barks and Meows

Clotilda we are all so proud of you! Congratulations to you and to all your professors and the rest of class of 2021! With much love barks and meows,

Luca Brassi, Grasshopper, Christian, Mario, Gen, Jon & Gram & Poppy & Mama

-- Nancy Lanzilotta

We Are Very Proud

Congratulations, Aga!!! We are very proud of you!! Mom & Dad

-- Adam Galej

You Amaze Us

So proud of you Abby Goldberg, you amaze us with your drive, intellect and enthusiasm. With all of our love, Mom and Dad.

-- Richard & Patti Shlansky-Goldberg

Live the Dream

Justin Schumacher, You accomplished a goal I heard you had always dreamed about. Live the dream and take care of all the furry friends you will be caring for.

-- Celine Weinstein